All ICFJ Programs

Programsort icon Year Topic Region / Country
Encourager les réformes juridiques dans le secteur des le secteur des médias et renforcer les organisations de médias au Sénégal 2011-2009 Basic Journalism Africa
East Timor and Indonesia: Journalism Training (2002) 2002 East Timor, Indonesia
2009 Professional Development Program for Serbian Editors and Media Managers 2009 Business Serbia
2015 Global Health Reporting Contest 2015 Health/Science
2016 General Election Embed Program: Foreign journalists traveled to “battleground” states to report on the final days of the campaign 2016 Political Worldwide
2016 Global Health Reporting Contest 2016 Health/Science India, Sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, China, Russia
A Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America 2016 Multimedia
A Journey of Shared Discovery for Russian and American Journalists 2016 Basic Journalism
Africa: Improving and Expanding Technology 2015-2014 Basic Journalism, Data Journalism, Investigative, Mobile, Social Issues Africa, South Africa
Albania: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Albania
Albania: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Albania
Albania: Journalism Training (1995) 1995 Albania
Albania: Journalism Training (2000) 2000 Albania
Albania: Journalism Training (2005) 2005 Albania
Algeria: Journalism Training (2006) 2006 Algeria
Arabic: Building News Web Sites 2008 Multimedia Middle East
Argentina: Create Tools to Collect, Analyze and Visualize Data for Investigative Stories 2013-2012 Basic Journalism, Data Journalism, Investigative, Multimedia Argentina
Argentina: Journalism Training (1998) 1998 Argentina
Argentina: Journalism Training (1999) 1999 Argentina
Argentina: Journalism Training (2003) 2003 Argentina
Argentina: Launch an Innovation Challenge to Promote the Development of Digital Media in Latin America 2015-2013 Basic Journalism, Data Journalism, Investigative Argentina
Armenia and Azerbaijan: Journalism Training (2003) 2003 Armenia, Azerbaijan
Armenia: Journalism Training (2006) 2006 Armenia
Armenian School of Journalism 2006 All Topics Armenia
Arthur F. Burns Fellowship 2016-1988 All Topics Canada, United States, Germany