All ICFJ Programs

Program Year Topic Region / Country
Colombia: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Colombia
Ecuador: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Ecuador
Haiti: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Haiti
Kyrgyzstan: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Kyrgyzstan
Namibia: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Namibia
Poland: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Poland
Russia: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Russia
Russia: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Russia
Slovakia: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 Slovakia
South Africa: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 South Africa
South Africa: Journalism Training (1994) 1994 South Africa
2018 Covering the U.S. Presidency Reporting Program Pakistan, Brazil, Uruguay, Ghana, Kenya, United kingdom
Building news websites for Egyptian citizen journalists Multimedia
Covering global religious conflict Religion, Multimedia
Covering Road Safety in the Southeast Asia Region Data Journalism, Writing/Editing, Health/Science, Multimedia, Print, Radio/Audio, Social Issues, Television/Video India, East Timor, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, North Korea, Thailand
Expandiendo el reportaje investigativo y la sostenibilidad de los medios de Nicaragua a través del Periodismo colaborativo y la Innovación Digital Nicaragua
ICFJ and UN Foundation Virtual Reporting Fellowship for English-speaking Journalists
ICFJ Anywhere Basic Journalism
ICFJ Anywhere offers webinar on mobile- and digital-security for journalists facing danger Mobile
ICFJ offers 6-week online course on “Coverage of Religion and Global Politics” Religion
ICFJ offers online course on covering conflict for Egyptian journalists Social Issues Egypt
ICFJ offers online course on covering development for African journalists Development
ICFJ Workshops for Pakistani News Media Leaders Basic Journalism Pakistan
ICFJ, 9.9 school of communication offer online video-storytelling course for Indian journalists and journalism students Multimedia
Improving Data-Journalism Skills in Morocco Data Journalism, Citizen Journalism, Investigative Morocco