All ICFJ Programs

Program Year Topic Region / Country
Kenya: Promote Better Health Coverage, Better Policies 2011-2008 Health/Science, Multimedia, Print, Radio/Audio Kenya
McGraw-Hill Personal Finance Reporting Online Courses 2011-2008 Business, Print Latin America, North America
Uganda: Setting a New Standard for Health Journalism in Africa 2011-2008 Health/Science, Print, Radio/Audio Uganda
Encourager les réformes juridiques dans le secteur des le secteur des médias et renforcer les organisations de médias au Sénégal 2011-2009 Basic Journalism Africa
Ghana: Tackle Poverty, Engage Citizens with a New Health Radio Show 2011-2009 Citizen Journalism, Health/Science, Radio/Audio Ghana
Promoting Media Law Reforms and Strengthening Media Associations in Senegal 2011-2009 Basic Journalism, Multimedia Senegal
South Africa: Give Health News a Higher Profile 2011-2009 Health/Science, Multimedia, Print, Television/Video South Africa
Tanzania: Put the Spotlight on Rural Development 2011-2009 Environment, Health/Science, Print Tanzania
Capacity Development of Media Institutions Leaders in Yemen 2011-2010 Writing/Editing, Multimedia, Television/Video Yemen
Creating an International Association of Religion Journalists 2011-2010 Worldwide
India: Make Government Data More Accessible to Journalists 2011-2010 Investigative, Political India
Malawi: Shedding Light on Development in One of Africa’s Poorest Countries 2011-2010 Malawi
Malaysia: Design a Business Model for Robust Citizen Journalism 2011-2010 Citizen Journalism, Multimedia Malaysia
On the Margins No More: Citizen Journalism Training for Egyptian Women and Youth 2011-2010 Citizen Journalism, Multimedia Egypt
Peru: Create the First Broadcast Training Center 2011-2010 Political, Television/Video Peru
Professionalism, Pride and Press Freedom: A Holistic Program to Strengthen Media Workers in The Gambia 2011-2010 Basic Journalism Gambia
Senegal: Shedding Light on Poverty Issues 2011-2010 Poverty, Radio/Audio Senegal
Sierra Leone: Launch the First Public Broadcasting Service 2011-2010 Radio/Audio, Television/Video Sierra Leone
Zambia: Ramp up Health Coverage to Save Lives 2011-2010 Health/Science, Print Zambia
India: Enhance a Cutting-Edge, Multimedia Academy and Help Make it Sustainable 2011 Multimedia India
Journalism Ethics in the Digital Age: A Training Program for Turkish Media 2011 Basic Journalism Turkey
Lideres Digitales: Creating a New Generation of Spanish-Language Multimedia Trainers 2011 Multimedia United States
Nigeria: Create New Health Section at Daily Trust newspaper 2011 Health/Science, Print Nigeria
Public Service Journalism for Arabic-speaking Journalists 2011 Writing/Editing, Citizen Journalism, Mobile, Multimedia, Social Issues, Television/Video Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen
Serbian Media Managers Professional Development Program 2011 Business Serbia