All ICFJ Programs

Program Year Topic Region / Country
Bringing the World to an Indian News Audience 2014 Basic Journalism, Social Issues
Can crime in Latin America be prevented? 2014 Development
Conferencia Regional del Periodismo de Investigación en Honduras (2014) 2014 Investigative Honduras
Covering U.S. Midterm Elections: A Program for Burmese Journalists 2014 Political Burma
Exchange Program for Media Professionals from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and the United States 2014 Basic Journalism Africa, United States
Global Health Reporting Contest 2014 Health/Science India, Brazil, China, Russia
ICFJ-United Nations Foundation Climate Change Journalism Fellowships: United States 2014 Environment
ICFJ/United Nations Foundation Climate Change Journalism Fellowship: Europe, Asia and Africa 2014 Environment Africa, Asia, Europe
Laboratorio Electoral, 'Cuida Tu Voto' 2014 Data Journalism Panama
Nigeria: Increasing Citizen Engagement With Health News 2014 Basic Journalism, Data Journalism, Development, Health/Science, Mobile, Poverty, Social Issues Nigeria
Panamá - 'Cuida tu Voto' (2014) 2014 Citizen Journalism, Investigative Panama
Press Freedom and Access to Information: A News Corp Fellowship for Mexican Journalists 2014 Political, Social Issues Mexico
Reporting Fellowship Promotes Better Coverage of Maternal and Child Health 2014 Africa
Roadblocks Along the New Silk Road 2014 Investigative, Social Issues Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka
Strengthening Professionalism and Investigative Journalism in Africa 2014 Investigative Kenya
Taller de Periodismo de Investigación en México (2014) 2014 Investigative Mexico
Taller de Periodismo de Investigación en Nicaragua (2014) 2014 Investigative Nicaragua
Taller de Protocolos de Seguridad Física y Cibernética - Guatemala (2014) 2014 Investigative Guatemala
Taller de Protocolos de Seguridad Física y Cibernética - Honduras (2014) 2014 Investigative Honduras
Taller en línea de Producción Periodística (2014) 2014 Basic Journalism, Data Journalism, Investigative Central America, South America
Talleres ciudadanos en Panamá: 'Cuida tu Voto' 2014 Investigative Panama
Talleres Regionales de Producción Periodística en El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduras (2014) 2014 Investigative El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Training the Next Generation of Tunisian Media Professionals 2014 Tunisia
Webinar on Digital and Mobile Security for Journalists and Bloggers: New Tools and Practices in the Age of Online Surveillance 2014
Webinar: Boosting Your Storytelling Skills & Using Multimedia Elements to Enhance Business Journalism 2014