Armenian School of Journalism

ASJ's class of 2006 with program administrators Aram Mkrtchyan and Mario Scherhaufer in Yerevan during graduation ceremonies Sept. 28.

The Armenian School of Journalism, a two-year international master's degree program at Yerevan State University, aimed to promote free, independent and professional media in Armenia through quality Western-style educational and training programs in journalism and media management.

Students were trained to assume news and management positions at newspapers, news agencies, broadcast outlets and Web-based publications. The journalism faculty and curriculum were provided by the International Center for Journalists with cooperation from Louisiana State University and Kent State University. The program was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The curriculum was based on a hands-on, experiential approach, using the latest techniques of fact-based, professional reporting and writing for both print and broadcast media. Students had access to a computer laboratory, the Internet, photo, audio and video broadcast equipment and a journalism library. The class published PatUhan, a student newspaper, in print and on the Web. The best students had the opportunity to do internships in media outlets abroad.

Graduates received a master's degree in journalism from Yerevan State University and an internationally recognized certificate from ICFJ.

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