Diana Kachalova

Diana Kachalova is the trailblazing editor-in-chief of Moy Rayon, a rare publication in today's Russia. The paper is a grassroots, independent and privately owned weekly that survives exclusively on advertising revenue. It has 11 community editions for the city of St. Petersburg. Kachalova graduated from the department of journalism at St. Petersburg State University and shortly thereafter began working at Nevskoye Vremya as a political reporter, editor and foreign correspondent based in the United States. Kachalova also covered conflicts in Chechnya, Southern Ossetia, and Abkhazia for Nevskoye Vremya. She has been a contributor to National Public Radio, CNN and BBC Television and Radio on Russian politics, among other topics. At Moy Rayon, Kachalova defines the editorial policy and long- and short-term editorial goals, and collaborates with the executive management to set objectives for the newspapers' editions. Kachalova aims for Moy Rayon to provide balanced, fact-based local news for the citizens of St. Petersburg and its communities and neighborhoods; the paper should be a beacon for them to make informed decisions about important social and political issues.