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  • Feb 22016

    ICFJ Anywhere trainings help journalist launch smart-money website for Hispanics

    “I have been reporting and editing since 1998, and I see over and over that one of the things that empowers people is knowledge and accurate information about how the American ‘system’ works,” said Carrera, a native of Ecuador. “U.S. Hispanics need good, sound, independent information.” Carrera saw some of this need as editor of Mercado de Dinero USA, starting in June 2007. The monthly, Spanish-language publication focuses on consumer and economics news.

  • Feb 22016

    Airing the economic harm of sexual harassment, Egypt journalist honored

    Five Mideast journalists win latest round of “Digital Gateway” program

    By Daniel Lynx Bernard

    The International Center for Journalists has honored five journalists from the Middle East and North Africa for excellence in using digital technology for public-service journalism. The honorees under the program “Building a Digital Gateway to Better Lives” used multimedia on the web to examine sexual harassment in Egypt, illegal drugs in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, the sterilization of mentally disabled girls in Jordan, and the growing water crisis in Yemen.