Improving Efficiency Through Technology with Support From IBM

Thanks to IBM, ICFJ now has a set of tools that are furthering the organization's mission. IBM has worked with ICFJ to:

  • Develop a five-year technology roadmap, which is a key component in helping ICFJ move forward and lead in the digital era. IBM helped identify technology gaps within ICFJ and recommended cutting-edge solutions to take our databases to the next level.

  • Procure the SmartCloud for Social Business, a cloud-based platform that will help drive innovation in ICFJ programs. The software allows users to share and collaborate on documents, hold meetings and webinars, create communities around projects and much more.

  • Fashion a digital marketing roadmap to guide the communications team in widening the organization’s online audience. IBM’s creative team shared their expertise with ICFJ staff on growing the organization’s reach through social media, email marketing and other online tools.

IBM is an innovative company that pursues continuous transformation both in what they do and how they do it—always remixing to add value to their offerings and skills, in their operations, management practices and in the transformational capabilities they deliver to clients.