Journalism Ethics in the Digital Age: A Training Program for Turkish Media

ICFJ Offers Ethics Trainings for Turkish Journalists

ICFJ conducted two online courses, each for 35 journalists (with some taking both courses), followed by an in-person workshop for the 18 best participants. The project focused on journalism ethics and standards in Turkish news media. The first course examined overall ethics and standards, to help journalists from different media companies establish strong ethics frameworks to bring back to their newsrooms. The second course specifically addressed the ethical decision-making issues affecting journalists in the digital age, enabling journalists to meet the needs of Turkey’s rapidly expanding Internet audience. The workshop brought together 18 of the best participants to work on developing a structure for codes of ethics for their news organizations and a broader one for Turkish media as a whole. These efforts raised the bar and encouraged healthy competition between these media companies on an ethical playing field.

ICFJ, in cooperation with a group of Turkish media partners, developed a training project to help Turkish journalists develop codes of ethics for their news organizations, focusing on how to adhere to journalism standards in the digital era of blogs, social networking and citizen journalism. ICFJ developed two online courses on ethics and digital media, followed by an in-person workshop in Istanbul. Participants were senior journalists from Turkish media, from Istanbul as well as from around the country. They were required not only to have the backing of their editors to participate, but needed to be empowered to help transfer their knowledge to the entire newsroom. This project aimed to help Turkish journalists uphold the highest standards while still recognizing the pressures to be first, to be profitable, and to attract readers. And it also showed how those ethics can help Turkish journalists and their news organizations achieve maximum credibility – something that will enable them not only to succeed, but to help democracy flourish.

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