Online Video for Citizen Journalists in Malaysia

Throughout this program, journalists produced and disseminated online news videos about Malaysia’s several religious and ethnic communities through the prism of coverage of human rights, religious and ethnic tolerance issues. Hands-on workshops were held that focused on reporting skills and the production of video news content. The workshops' aim was to equip journalists with the knowledge, technical skills and networks necessary for them to address issues of importance. Courses included citizen journalism, scriptwriting for documentaries, video editing, and using video cameras.

The best of participants’ news videos were distributed through Malaysiakini, an independent Malaysian news Web site. From 2008 to 2010, ICFJ and Malaysiakini conducted 16 training sessions for more than 200 citizen journalists. They are doctors, lawyers, marketing professionals, students, and retirees. At the conclusion of the program, their 839 videos had been viewed 5.8 million times.

Watch citizen journalists' work and hear about their experiences.

Our Stories

  • Jul 212010

    CJs Speak Out on Allah Controversy

    On December 31, 2009, the Kuala Lumpur High court ruled that the word Allah, which means “God” in Arabic, is not exclusive to Muslims and that other religions are entitled to use that word. Since this ruling, several acts of arson and vandalism have been carried out against churches in Malaysia.

  • Jun 12010

    Squatters Given Permanent Home

    Citizen Journalist Jimmy Leow reported on this issue following a tip from an activist. Once the video was published on Malaysiakini, the state government organized a program to resettle the residents to a neighboring area. “In front of everyone,” recalled Program Director Maran Perianen, “the Chief Minister announced that they are going to look for a way to bring all of these old folks to a landed property where they can stay more comfortably.”

  • May 152010

    CJs Prevent Residents’ Eviction

    After nearly a 40-year wait, the 236 families living in the slum of Rumah Hijau in Mak Mandin, Penang, were offered low-cost flats three kilometers away. Some 170 families accepted, but many refused and asked the state government to build the low cost flats at the present location. To these residents, moving to the Ampang Jajar would be a costly burden. This video, produced by three CJs working together, highlighted the impact on the community and the state government ended up reversing their earlier decision to evict the remaining residents of Rumah Hijau.

  • May 152010

    CJs Hold Citizen Journalism Conference: May 1-2, 2010

    In celebration of Press Freedom Day, members of the public and more than 100 citizen journalists (CJs) gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 1st and 2nd, 2010 to attend the first annual Citizen Journalism conference in Malaysia. Citizen journalists from all over the country attended the workshops, dinners and seminars, focused on redefining the role of citizens in the media. Watch four CJs reflect on their experiences.

  • Apr 72009

    Participant Produces Video "Nizar Stopped at the Gates"

    In 2009, police refused to let a legislative leader of the Malaysian state of Perak, Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, from entering the State Secretariat building. Trainee Ainuddin Aminuddin captured the episode on film. Nizar was asked to resign for allegedly losing the confidence of the majority of the state assembly members.