Promoting Media Law Reforms and Strengthening Media Associations in Senegal

Senegal Country Director Tidiane Kasse shares these photos from workshops that taught reporting skills for covering elections and investigations to journalists in Senegal.

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The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) concluded it's successful “Strengthening the Truth Tellers” program after 30 months of working to support Senegalese journalists and media organizations.

The program, which began in October 2009 and ended June 2012, was called “Strengthening the Truth Tellers: A Multimedia Program to Bolster Media Associations and Protect Media Workers in Senegal.”

Its mission was to enhance the skills of journalists and editors, build a cadre of credible bloggers, increase communication among all of these Senegalese media professionals, and strengthen the associations that represent them and work to protect their rights.

ICFJ worked with the Senegalese Union of Information and Communications Professionals (SYNPICS) as well as smaller associations of journalists and editors to strengthen the management and infrastructure of the organizations and fortify their efforts to promote changes in the punitive media laws. The program combined training in journalistic skills, ethics and management with the array of digital tools. It was designed to bolster media reform in Senegal through capacity-building support for media associations as well as outreach and training on media skills and freedoms. The program had four major components:

  • Management consulting for the media associations;
  • Legal assistance to the associations to refine their strategies to respond to punitive laws;
  • Training for young journalists and bloggers, and skills building for mid-career professionals;
  • Improved communication among journalists to strengthen professional networks

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