Webinar: Boosting Your Storytelling Skills & Using Multimedia Elements to Enhance Business Journalism

The International Center for Journalists and the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers is pleased to offer the webinar Boosting Your Storytelling Skills: How to Use Multimedia Elements to Enhance Business Journalism.

Business journalism is changing rapidly, as economic globalization and a proliferation of publicly available databases have created new challenges and opportunities for reporters. To thrive in our multimedia world, journalists must have diverse storytelling skills.

ICFJ trainer Rick Dunham will explain the wide range of multimedia tools that are now available— from slideshows to video to interactive graphics to social media— and teach you how to choose the best multimedia elements to tell your story and maximize your story's impact.

Instructor: Rick Dunham, director of ICFJ's Global Business Journalism Program at Tsinghua University

To join the webinar:

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Image courtesy of Flickr User Andrew Macpherson under a Creative Commons license.