Selected Resources

Journalists who want to delve more deeply into corporate governance will find a wealth of resources online. Within your country or region, the Institute of Corporate Governance or Directors (some are listed) may offer courses and speeches in addition to background materials and other resources. Below is a selection of some resources, a sample of the many available. See also specific organizations that aid journalists with information and resources on investigative reporting.


International Organizations

CFA Institute
A global, not-for-profit organization comprising the world’s largest association of investment professionals who have passed examinations to become chartered financial analysts. Offers access to experts worldwide, publishes background material and academic research on accounting, auditing, corporate governance (“The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors,” Second Edition ) and other investment topics (also webcasts, podcasts).

Global Corporate Governance Forum
Dedicated to corporate governance reform in emerging markets and developing countries, the Forum provides training materials on corporate governance, publishes research on corporate governance issues, and reports periodically on its activities worldwide.

International Finance Corporation
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries. Website provides extensive resources on corporate governance around the world, particularly about family-owned enterprises (FOEs) and state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

International Chamber of Commerce
ICC activities cover a broad spectrum, from arbitration and dispute resolution to making the case for open trade and the market economy system, business self-regulation, fighting corruption or combating commercial crime.

International Corporate Governance Network
Global membership organization operating in 50 countries to raise standards of corporate governance worldwide. ICGN is sought for its views on corporate governance issues. Its “In the News” section provides good insights into trends in corporate governance stories.

International Integrated Reporting Council
Comprised of leaders from the corporate, investment, accounting, securities, regulatory, academic and standard-setting sectors, as well as civil society. Publishes reports.

Islamic Financial Services Board
Promotes soundness of Islamic financial services industry by issuing global standards and guiding principles banking, capital markets and insurance sectors.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),3699,en_2649_37439_1_1_1_1_37439 ,00.html
Headquartered in France, has 34 member countries. The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance are the foundation of corporate governance laws, regulations and best practices worldwide. Other resources include statistics, studies, papers and global information about corporate governance.

Transparency International
A global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption through a global network including more than 90 locally established national chapters and chapters-in-formation.

World Bank Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs)
ROSCs help to better identify weaknesses that may contribute to economic and financial vulnerability, foster market efficiency and discipline, and ultimately contribute to a global economy, which is more robust and less prone to crisis.


Africa (Sub-Saharan)

FITC - Nigeria (Financial Institutions Training Centre)
Designs and delivers training programs in general management, leadership development, banking and finance.

Institute of Directors - Southern Africa
Aims to bring about development and lifelong learning through internationally recognized director development and educational programs.

Asia and The Pacific

Asian Corporate Governance Association
Independent, nonprofit membership organization works with investors, companies and regulators on effective corporate governance practices in Asia.

Bangladesh Enterprise Institute
Nonprofit, non-political research center that promotes issues of importance to the private sector; seeks to influence policy for the development of a market-oriented economy.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
Only recognized professional body to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India.


Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance
Public-private partnership to promote good corporate governance practices in Pakistan.


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
International financial institution that supports projects in 29 countries, from central Europe to central Asia. Promotes entrepreneurship and fosters transition towards open and democratic market economies.

European Confederation of Directors’ Associations
Aims to promote directors’ skills, professionalism and impact on society.

European Corporate Governance Institute
Provides a forum for debate and dialogue among academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues.

Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance
Pursues global-class transparency and competitiveness of Baltic public, private and state or municipality owned companies through corporate governance.

Institute of Directors in the UK
Supports, represents and sets standards for company directors.

Slovenian Directors’ Association
Only membership organization in Slovenia representing supervisory board members. Provides education, certification, research, professional standards, publishing and consulting services to members.

Latin America and The Caribbean

Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance
Central forum for introduction and dissemination of the corporate governance concept and best practices in Brazil.

Center for Excellence in Corporate Governance (El Centro de Excelencia en Gobierno Corporativo)
Nonprofit that promotes excellence in corporate governance in Mexico. Sponsors programs providing updated methodology and tools of corporate governance.

Center for Corporate Governance and Capital Markets (Centro de Gobierno Corporativo y Mercado de Capitales)
Includes representatives of civil society, academia and private sector to promote better corporate governance practices in Chile.

Informal association of Corporate Governance Institutes from Latin America established at Corporate Governance Roundtable organized by OECD and Global Corporate Governance Forum.

Private Sector Organization of Jamaica
Its Corporate Governance Committee aims to promote best practices to leaders of business enterprises.

Procapitales (Asociación de Empresas Promotoras del Mercado de Capitales)
Trade association of agents in Peruvian capital market; promotes good corporate governance practices.

Middle East and North Africa

Corporate Governance Responsibility Forum id=1&page_id=308
Regular event gathering of global experts on corporate governance and responsibility together with business leaders in the MENA region.

Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance
Aims to promote corporate sector reform and good governance, assist the countries of the MENA region in developing corporate governance.

Lebanese Transparency Association
First Lebanese NGO focusing on curbing corruption and promoting the principles of good governance.

North America

National Association of Corporate Directors
Aims to advance exemplary board leadership — for directors, by directors. It is focused on meeting the needs of board members and supporting directors to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Council of Institutional Investors
The nonprofit, nonpartisan association of pension funds and other employee benefit funds, foundations and endowments (with combined assets that exceed $3 trillion) has publications, comment letters and other resources to learn more about corporate governance.


Many universities have established research centers for corporate governance. These websites publish research, sponsor public forums and other events and recommend other websites. These institutions often make available experts to provide background and analysis to journalists.

Center for Corporate Governance, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth
Research focuses on understanding how international differences in capital markets, ownership structures, and legal traditions affect the optimal design of financial contracts. The center also examines potential conflicts between shareholders (as owners of the firm) and other corporate constituents.

Centre for Corporate Governance, London Business School¬forcorporategovernance.html
Access faculty and monitor research through news updates.

Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation, University of Melbourne
Undertakes and promotes research on corporate law and securities regulation. Provides links to corporate governance sites worldwide.

The INSEAD Corporate Governance Initiative governance_initiative/
Sponsors cutting-edge research and teaching tailored to the needs facing board members in an international context. Pro¬vides case studies and access to experts and alumni.

Analysis of news events affecting economies from business school’s faculty.

National University of Singapore Governance and Transparency Index TransparencyIndex.aspx
The index evaluates the quality of corporate governance and transparency for more than 700 companies in Asia.The governance component covers board matters, remuneration, accountability and audit. The transparency measurement focuses on how companies communicate with their shareholders.

Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation Case Studies
Access research and faculty on the reputational consequences of corporate behavior, including relationships between journalists and corporate decision-makers.

Sabanci University Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey
Contributes to the improvement of corporate governance frame¬work and practices through scientific research, supports the policy development process by active engagement, encourages and facilitates dialogue between academicians and practitioners, and disseminates research.

Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, University of Delaware
Provides a forum for business leaders, members of corporate boards, the legal community, academics, practitioners, graduate and undergraduate students, and others interested in corporate governance issues to meet, interact, learn and teach

Yale School of Management Millstein Center for Corporate Governance
Leading global resource for studying the premise that corporations should serve society responsibly, ethically and transparently. Efforts are directly related to understanding the capacity of corporations and institutional investors around the world to deal with strategy and risk, and their alignment with each other and with the interests of beneficial owners.


Accounting and Auditing
Accounting and audit firms provide background information on corporate governance and often conduct research on issues companies confront. While the focus of their websites is on boards that are existing or potential clients, their updates and analyses can be useful. Professional groups offer research and may serve as forums for discussion. They may help journalists find accounting and auditing experts.

Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance

Ernst & Young – Governance and Reporting

Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales
Professional membership organization supporting over 138,000 chartered accountants worldwide. Publishes reports and blogs and hosts webinars on accounting and governance issues. Posts news updates.

International Federation of Accountants
Promotes best practices and speaks out on public interest issues for its 2.5 million members in 127 countries and jurisdictions. Publishes reports and issues comments on regulatory and legislative proposals.

KPMG Audit Committee Institute

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Center for Board Governance

Corporate Governance Policies in Company Statements

Companies may publish their corporate governance policies on their websites and include a statement in their annual reports. Institutional investors are requiring companies they hold shares in to provide written, disclosed governance procedures and policies. The following examples give a flavor of corporate governance policies that may be found in company statements. Please note that this information is for illustrative purposes only and does not endorse or guarantee the particular standards of corporate governance in the companies listed below.

Access Ban
A large financial services provider based in Nigeria with interests across Africa and in the United Kingdom.

BHP Billiton
One of the world’s largest independent mining, oil and gas companies based in Australia.

Hysan Development Company Limited
A leading property investment, management and development company based in Hong Kong.

A leading Brazilian cosmetics company which emphasizes sustainability in its governance and products.


An integrated international oil and gas company, wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia.

Tata Group
The Code of Conduct of this prominent Indian company covers more than 100 operating companies in seven business sectors globally.

A prominent international mobile communications company in Turkey.

Dispute Resolution

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
CEDR is an independent, non-profit organization with a mission to cut the cost of conflict and create choice and capability in dispute prevention and resolution. CEDR provides mediation, consultancy, and training services.


Ethics Institute of South Africa
Non-profit that conducts research, provides training and advisory services, and conducts assessments and certifications. Research available online and resource center has books and other materials available on-site only.

International think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability. Provides rankings, holds events including webcasts, and publishes back¬ground materials.
A worldwide ethics network based in Geneva that provides an electronic platform for ethical reflection and action. Online library offers free access to journals, encyclopedias, e-books, and other resources. Journalists can expand contacts through networking opportunities.

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Center for Santa Clara University conducts research and holds forum on ethical issues.

Rio Tinto Statement of Business Practices the_way_we_work.asp

Standard Approach to Sustainability our-approach/

Thrivent Financial Code of Conduct

Institutional Investors


Bradesco aspx?secaoId=730



Several organizations provide independent assessments of a company’s compliance with corporate governance, which may form the basis of a story.

The independent brokerage and investment bank publishes, in collaboration with the Asian Corporate Governance Association, the most comprehensive assessment of corporate governance performance, issues and trends in Asia.

GovernanceMetrics International
U.S. based, covers more than 20,000 companies globally. Provides analysis, reports, research and ratings. Subscribe to FeedBurner blog for updates.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability

Investors, interest groups and governments are pressing companies to adopt policies and practices that will ensure the company’s long-term sustainability and minimize its impact on society and the environment. The following organizations may provide background on issues and some assess companies for their social responsibility.

Caux Round Table
An international network of business leaders working to promote a moral capitalism. The CRT Principles apply fundamental ethical norms to business decision-making.

Center for International Private Enterprise
CIPE works with business leaders, policymakers, and journalists to build the civic institutions vital to a democratic society. Its key program areas include: anti-corruption, advocacy, business associations, corporate governance, democratic governance, access to information, the informal sector and property rights, and women and youth.

Equator Principles
Based on IFC and World Bank standards, these principles established a credit risk management framework for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in project finance transactions.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Sets the global standard that ensures accountability and transparency of the revenues from a country’s extractive sector.

The Global Reporting Initiative
A non-profit organization that promotes economic, environmental and social sustainability. GRI provides all companies and organizations with a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is used worldwide.

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Participatory Learning and Action Series
IIED supports journalists in a broad range of media to report more often and more accurately on the links between environment and development in ways that are relevant to their various audiences.

Responsible Investor
The only dedicated news service reporting on responsible investment, ESG (environmental, social and governance) and sustainable finance issues for institutional investors globally. Site provides free access to limited number of articles.

Founded in 1987, the business helps clients and partners better understand and create business and societal value in response to issues from consumption, transparency, stakeholder engagement and strategy to innovation and transformation.

United Nations Global Compact
This is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.


Open-Access Text Archive
An Internet library of books, articles and other materials in digital format. Also provides an extensive list of links for many online libraries established by nonprofit organizations, universities and others worldwide.