• Mar 32009

    Los periódicos en línea deben adoptar estrategias de Google, señala Jeff Jarvis

    El famoso bloguero y profesor de periodismo en la CUNY argumenta que los medios deben ser gratuitos (o casi) y vincularse con sus competidores. Para sobrevivir, los medios tradicionales como periódicos deben ceder control a los usuarios, derribar las murallas alrededor de sus contenidos y vincularse con el resto del mundo mediático.

    En otras palabras, deben hacerse más como Google.

  • Feb 272009

    Radio Broadcast Rouses Liberians

    At about 2:30 a.m., a bunch of very angry roosters began co-co-loe-loing outside my window. Loudly. I jumped out of bed thinking it was my 6 a.m. wake up call.So not the case.

    Thousands of Liberians across the country were awake fetching water. They managed to?even stir the chickens.

    Why? Because they had heard news that there would be no water for three days. Angels were coming to dry out the wells.

  • Feb 262009

    Learning patience is easier here, but still hard

    LUSAKA, ZAMBIA — I had already spent a jet-lagged weekend here, strolling the dirt footpaths to the center of town and to the local shopping strip before I met the editor of the paper where I will be stationed the next year.

    That may be why when I asked him if he thought journalists here would be receptive to the support I hope to offer, I found his answer as credible as I did.

    "Yes, they will.

  • Feb 242009


    Benjamín Fernández Bogado, reconocido periodista y constitucionalista paraguayo, es quien sostuvo lo anterior en su conferencia “Los nuevos paradigmas del periodismo” e indicó que el periodismo que va a sobrevivir a los retos del siglo XXI, es aquel que sepa contar historias y lo haga de manera atractiva.

    Los nuevos y antiguos paradigmas van a ser rescatar los géneros periodísticos, la crónica, el reportaje, la entrevista, la opinión, aquello que nos permita atrapar la atención de la gente para construir comunidad.

  • Feb 122009


    A seminar in the largest public university in Latin America, ( Feb. 11) showed me how necessary is to stress on the importance of freedom of the expression and public access to information for a healthy democracy. I gave a lecturer on the Mexican legal tools to reform public services and how important is to pass an Archive law in order to organize public bodies. Many questions arose by people in Mexico are not possible to respond because there is not a national archive organized for public access.

  • Feb 122009

    On My Way to Zambia

    When I started writing about the public health in Palm Beach County, Florida, five years ago, I didn’t imagine that what I learned would lead me to AIDS conferences in Australia and Mexico, to prisons and brothels in the Caribbean, and now, to Zambia where I will spend the next year working with health journalists.

  • Feb 112009

    Following the Election in Ghana: Media Gearing Up to Write About New Administration

    A little over a month after Ghana inaugurated it's new president, John Evans Atta Mills, newspapers are gearing up to write about the new administration's proposed budget and are being aggressive at writing about the vetting of the ministers (Minister of Finance, for example) being recommended by the Mills' administration.

    Ghanaians, and indeed neighboring countries, are still praising the success of the country's election process.

    Ghana's reporters were diligent in reporting on the candidates -- their personalities, rallies and alliances -- but did a less stellar job in

  • Feb 112009

    First weeks in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    It has been already three weeks!! I arrived to Bolivia with my family the 16th of january to work with the ICFJ implementing a digital platform that will entitle the journalists from rural areas to share their contents and stories. My partner in Santa Cruz will be Radio Fides, a networks of stations owned by the jesuitic company and considered to be one of the most serious and balanced in a country torn by a fierce political struggle between the capital, La Paz, and the capital of the eastern part, Santa Cruz.

  • Feb 62009

    Meeting Media Leaders in the Philippines

    Thanks to my hosts at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, I had the opportunity to meet leading members of the vibrant media community during my three-day visit to Manila. Thanks to my hosts at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, I had the chance to meet leading members of the vibrant media community during my three-day visit to Manila.

  • Jan 292009

    Explosion rocks newspaper office -- and a journalist's instinct kicks in

    Editors Note: Fire in downtown Nairobi causes scare.The first time the lights went out during this morning’s news meeting, it was just a minor annoyance. Ditto the second time. After all, at Nation Media Group headquarters in the heart of downtown Nairobi, you can expect a powerful generator to kick in quickly whenever there’s a power outage. It’s already happened several times during my six-month tenure as a Knight Health Journalism Fellow based at the Nation Centre.