Meet the 2013 fellows

2013 Fellows

Erin Ailworth, Boston Globe. Ailworth traveled to Israel to explore how Massachusetts and Israel are collaborating to build a multibillion industry employing technology developed in the Bay State to purify, reclaim, and expand supplies of fresh water. You can follow her at @ailworth.

Tyrone Beason, The Seattle Times. Beason explored the myths and realities of South Africa’s reputation as a safe-haven for gays and lesbians in sub-Saharan Africa, where anti-gay bigotry and persecution are reportedly major problems. You can follow him at @tyrone_beason.

Deepa Bharath, The Orange County Register. Bharath took an in-depth look at how a Newport Beach-based nonprofit, the Amy Biehl Foundation, has spread its roots in Cape Town for the last two decades empowering township youth, serving the community in post-Apartheid South Africa. You can follow her @reporterdeepa.

Shaminder Dulai, Newsweek/Daily Beast. Dulai looked into the undetermined legal status of refugees and immigrants in Asia. You can follow him @SDulai.

Ruxandra Guidi, Freelancer. Guidi will travel to Thailand to focus on how American evangelical groups have become a powerful force in the global fight against sex trafficking - and how some “source” countries are pushing back. You can follow her @RuxandraGuidi.

Kyle Iboshi, KGW NewsChannel 8. Iboshi traveled to Japan to retrace the origin of tsunami debris that has washed ashore on the Oregon coast. He will also look at recovery efforts in the region and examine the impact of natural disasters. You can follow him @kyleiboshi.

Shuka Kalantari, various media outlets. Kalantari explored issues faced by LGBT Iranians seeking asylum in Turkey and Canada. You can follow her @skalantari.

Lily Kuo, Quartz, Atlantic Media. Kuo examined the socio-political and environmental impacts of a controversial billion-dollar Chinese infrastructure project intended to help water distribution. You can follow her @lilkuo.

Philip Marcelo, The Providence Journal. Marcelo took an on-the-ground look at Liberia ten years after the 2003 end to the country’s civil war, with a focus on the work Rhode Islanders are doing to help rebuild the country. You can follow him @philmarcelo.

Wadzanai Mhute, The New York Times. Mhute traveled to Zimbabwe to report on the results of land re-distribution among farmers in the region. You can follow her @Wadza_M.

Isabel Morales, CNN en Espanol. Morales reported on immigration between Latin America and the United States, focusing on disappearances, the impact on families and the efforts of organizations in the U.S. to identify the bodies of those who died while crossing the border. You can follow her @Moralesisa.

Sonia Narang, PRI’s The World. Narang reported on the 2009 U.S. Global Health Initiative and its implementation in Nepal. She focused specifically on how the program has affected women’s health issues in the country. You can follow her @sonianarang.

Franco Ordonez, McClatchy Newspapers. Ordonez wrote about how young undocumented immigrants from Central and Latin America who have become “Americanized” after years of living in the U.S. cope with deportation and starting over in their native countries. Follow him @FrancoOrdonez.

Ashley Westerman, NPR 89.3 WRKF in Baton Rouge, LA. Westerman traveled to the Philippines to report on how Filipino workers end up half-way around the world working on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico owned by American companies. You can follow her @as_westerman.