“A Video That Reminds Us Why Journalism is Core to Democracy"

Nov 142013

The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) has singled out the speech given by Knight International Journalism honoree Roman Anin at the International Center for Journalists Awards Dinner on Nov. 7 as “a must view for people working for justice.”

In the piece, entitled “A Video That Reminds Us Why Journalism is Core to Democracy," NPQ called Anin’s address “well worth watching to remind ourselves of the importance of investigative reporting to a democracy.”

Anin received the honor at the ICFJ Awards Dinner for tracing millions of dollars stolen from Russia’s treasury to officials’ pockets—a type of investigative reporting that, the piece noted, “has proved very dangerous in Russia.”

The article praised Pakistani journalist Umar Cheema, who also won the Knight Award, for unearthing corruption. “Civil society depends upon these kinds of freedom fighters to provide the truths that we work with to change systems as they need to be changed,” the story said.

“We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Cheema, Anin, and the hundreds of other journalists who place themselves in danger each day to ensure that the public has the facts they need in order to make decisions,” it said.

Watch Anin’s speech below or read his remarks here.