ICFJ’s Botello Addresses Deterioration of Latin American Press Freedom

Nov 142014

ICFJ’s Senior Program Director of Special Projects Luis Botello condemned the deterioration of press freedom in Latin America in a recent edition of the Latin American Advisor, a newsletter published by the Inter-American Dialogue.

Over the last six months, conditions have worsened for journalists working in the region. According to the Inter American Press Association, 11 journalists have been murdered since May 2014.

Because local officials are failing to address these violent acts, “the need to have a broader discussion about the media’s role in [Latin American] society is urgent,” he said.

In countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Argentina, the press is under constant attack.

Yet, “most attempts by governments to create a system of protection for journalists have failed, mainly because there is no political will,” Botello explained. “We have to develop a regional mechanism such as a press freedom secretariat composed of government and civil society representatives, which could closely monitor freedom of expression.”

Read more in this month’s Latin American Advisor.

Photo courtesy of Yan Arief Purwanto on Flickr with a CC-license.