Training Foreign Journalists - Arabic

This is a manual for overseas journalism trainers. If you are new to this business, perhaps you have some reservations, some fears about it. Do I have a right to train anybody? What do I really know? And, even if I do know quite a lot about journalism, do I know how to teach it? And even if I know how to teach it, will I make a fool of myself in front of a bunch of foreigners? And, anyway, how do I know that my kind of journalism has any relevance where I'm going? Or, you might be coming to the subject from an entirely different perspective. You might be saying to yourself: This is a cake walk. I have been teaching journalism for years. The people I'm going to teach overseas are both ignorant and hungry to learn -- the best possible audience. So what if they're foreigners! I've traveled some, and have seen enough to know I've got a lot of answers they need. And, it's no big mystery how to deliver those answers either.