Investigative Journalism: A Training Program for Egyptian Journalists

The Investigative Journalism project trained 40 Egyptian journalists in investigative reporting skills through a unique hands-on/online mentoring program that pairs Egypt’s top journalists with younger Egyptian journalists. The focus was to train journalists how to produce and disseminate investigative reports through computer- assisted reporting, and by linking to one another through a “virtual newsroom” online platform.

See photos from the awards ceremony held at the end of the program, honoring the best
investigative journalism pieces.

Along with virtual training, participating journalists received hands-on training by being paired with mentors from the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism organization based in Jordan. By creating this regional network, these new investigative reporting skills were spread throughout the Arab world.

The project was supported by an advisory board comprised of top editors of Egyptian media and a legal team well-versed in Egyptian media law to help participants stay within the country’s legal framework yet still produce top-quality investigative work. The stories will be carried by Egyptian media as well as a specialized Web site devoted to the project.

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