Strengthening Investigative Reporting and Transparency in Mexico and Central America

ICFJ announces an investigative reporting initiative for Mexico and Central America.

In Central America and Mexico, a surging tide of instability fueled by narcotics trafficking and corruption threatens to overwhelm the foundations of entire countries. In countless cases, international criminal entities have subverted or intimidated proper authority, leaving ordinary people at the mercy of criminals who in some cases have even dared to levy taxes on them and commit heinous murders in their midst with impunity.

Imparting skills such as investigating reporting, cybersecurity, mobile and data journalism will build the journalists’ vital capacities in high-quality and secure investigative journalism. In this way, they will help to promote the transparency and accountability needed to turn the tide and create an atmosphere in which stability and democracy have a chance to take root.

It is with this mind that ICFJ concluded an investigative reporting initiative for Mexico and Central America. The program included:

An two-week online orientation on preparation of in-depth reporting projects for up to 20 selected editors and reporters.
• A regional working-group meeting with 20 journalists in Panama City.
• Selection of five transnational reporting projects.
• Online coaching for selected news reporting teams and editors.

At the end, a core group of investigative reporters teamed up with others to foster in-depth coverage of critical transnational issues, particularly on organized crime and corruption, affecting local communities in Central America and Mexico.

Applicants presented a project proposal of no more than 150 words in their application, detailing the reporting project they would be interested in pursuing with colleagues from the region, which must also details a reporting project on issues related to transnational organized crime and corruption.

A group of 20 journalists from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama participated in the online orientation program and in the investigative reporting and digital security workshop in Panama on July 26 and 27. ICFJ’s partner in Panama was the Latin American Center for Journalism (CELAP).

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The program was funded by the National Endowment for Democracy.

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