Journalists reviewing newspapers on elections

The greatest role the media played in the election process was after the voting was over.

May 72012

Media Play a Key Role in Senegal's Election

Senegal held a successful runoff election for president on March 25th, resulting in the defeat of two-term President Abdoulaye Wade. Despite fears that Wade would refuse to go quietly and that violence would result, he conceded defeat to opposition candidate Mackey Sall and Senegal experienced a relatively smooth transfer of power. Journalists were credited with getting out the results early and professionally, making it difficult to dispute the outcome.

Monitoring team

Three hours after the vote ended, the Senegalese knew they had a new president.

Female journalist reading the news online

Journalists went to the polls to report live, interviewing observers, members of the polling stations and the public to make sure things were proceeding normally.

Group of journalists monitoring the coverage of the elections

Members of the media monitoring team assess coverage during the elections. This election has confirmed the important role that media can play in ensuring regularity at the polls.

Male journalist watching news on the campaign

In the evening, radio, TV stations and the online press provided live results that were also posted at polling stations. This helped to prevent fraud.

Female journalist taking notes

Journalists were credited with getting out the election results early and professionally.

Journalist with headphones

All day long, people and political leaders were calling the radio and TV stations to tell them about cases of wrongdoing, so that journalists could fact check and report.