South Africa

South Africa Sheshe Village

Cleaning the stream is hard, hot work, so the women bring bottles to fill with the clear, refreshing water. (Photo by Brenda Wilson)

South Africa Sheshe Village

The women of Sheshe head downhill toward the stream, to begin their work clearing it of leaves and other debris so their village has access to clean drinking water. (Photo by Brenda Willson)

Apr 52012

Radio Journalists in Rural South Africa Find a New Way to Report Health News

It was with a bit of misgiving that I recently headed to Limpopo province to work with reporters at the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s regional station. The national office back in Johannesburg was hankering for stories about ordinary people amid constant unrest. The idea was to get reporters out of the main city, Polokwane, and into the field, fields being quite literal since Limpopo is 90% rural and one of the poorest provinces in South Africa.

Polokwane, however, has been a cauldron of political activity – at times, that can be taken literally.

SABC Radio Report: Sheshe Village

Shibu records the sounds of the women working to clear the stream. (Photo by Brenda Wilson)

SABC Radio Report: Sheshe Village

Shibu (with microphone) interviews the women who voluntarily clean the springs in Sheshe village. (Photo by Brenda Wilson)

SABC Radio Report: Sheshe Village

Knight Fellow Brenda Wilson (left) and SABC reporter Shibu Mamokgere examine their radio gear en route to Sheshe village. (Photo by Shadrack Letsoale)

South Africa Sheshe Village

Sheshe village is in Limpopo province in the northern part of South Africa, near the Tropic of Capricorn. (Photo by Brenda Wilson)

Dec 12011

South Africa's HIV News Squeezed in Among Politics and Crime

The last of the jacaranda’s hardiest blossoms are being blasted from the trees by fierce wind and rain. Spring has turned to stormy summer in South Africa, and almost everyone in Johannesburg is about to decamp for the beach or the village for the holidays.

The media have been obsessed with the antics of the leaders of the ANC Youth League, the young lords of the ruling party who’re led by Julius Malema, now facing a five-year suspension from the ANC for defying party elders, disrupting meetings, and criticizing President Zuma.

Sep 232011

Knight Fellows Have "Profound Impact" in Africa

The Highway Africa conference held here this week is the largest gathering of journalists on the continent, bringing together leaders who are promoting better reporting, better media management, better innovation in the digital arena and better laws to help and protect journalists. As the conference came to a close, I was proud to think that ICFJ’s programs – led by the Knight International Journalism Fellowships – are setting the standard in all those areas.

Meredith Beal, Brenda Wilson, Joseph Warungu in Cape Town, South Africa

Knight International Journalism Fellows Meredith Beal, Brenda Wilson and Joseph Warungu in Cape Town, South Africa