Dec 142012

Health Reporting Helps Reduce Stigma and Discrimination in Zambia

Media coverage of health issues can break down barriers to better information about health, resulting in improved services and care. During her Knight International Journalism Fellowship, Zarina Geloo trained journalists to produce higher-quality stories and launched a health segment in the Times of Zambia.

Oct 182011

Knight Fellows in Zambia: Slanted Election Coverage Adds to a Nationwide Culture of Misinformation

The Republic of Zambia is emerging from a recent presidential election resulting in the transfer of power from incumbent Rupiah Banda’s Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) to Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front (PF)—an election seen by most as fair, free, and effective (twice now has the opposition won the presidency).

Zambia-Flickr photo of woman voting

Teams of elections observers were deployed to observe the voting, counting and results of elections in Zambia. (Photo by Ebenzer Ajayi)

Zambia-Flickr photo of votes in line

Voting sites were flooded with hundreds of people lined up to cast their ballots. (Photo by Sarah Fradgley)

Aug 12011

In Zambia, a Hidden Health Crisis Comes Out of the Shadows

Participants at a three-day workshop on the dangers of smoking were shocked into silence as medical doctors, academics and activists churned out statistics and evidence showing how tobacco use has become the largest cause of preventable deaths in the world. They also heard that cigarettes were more addictive than cocaine.

Zambia Tobacco Workshop-Zarina Geloo

Many of the journalists were shocked to realize how dangerous smoking is. (Photo: Zarina Geloo)

Zambia: Journalism Training (1996)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Judith Hucka completed five months in Zambia in 1996 partnering with the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM).

Zambia: Journalism Training (2001)

Knight International Journalism Fellows Marie Joyce and Andrew Mosher completed nine months of journalism training in Zambia in 2001, partnering with the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM).

Zambia: Putting Health News in the Headlines

Knight International is working to make health reporting a regular beat at one of Zambia's leading newspapers. Knight Fellow Antigone Barton helped to establish the first health desk at the Zambia Daily Mail, one of the country's most influential newspapers. Under her coaching and mentoring, the staff markedly increased the quality and quantity of health stories on topics such as HIV/AIDS, drug-resistant tuberculosis, cholera and malaria. Barton’s fellowship ended in February 2010.

Zambia: Ramp up Health Coverage to Save Lives

Zarina Geloo launched the country’s first weekly health page in the Times of Zambia, the country’s largest daily newspaper. She trained a team of a dozen reporters to cover issues such as AIDS prevention, malaria, measles and cancer.

A front-page story on a measles epidemic led to a government vaccination campaign targeting 1.6 million people. A series on typhoid cases from contaminated drinking water in the capital triggered a government investigation and a new water treatment program.