Costa Rica

A Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America - 2018

We are now accepting applications for the spring 2018 program. Please click here to apply now. Applications for the spring 2018 program will close on November 13, 2017.

In 2018, the International Center for Journalists will continue to expand its network of digital journalists, technologists and media entrepreneurs from Latin America as part of the “Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America” program.

May 212014

Expert Tips for Making Better Infographics

While infographics are a great way to help readers understand complex topics, journalists should avoid the temptation to make information appear to be simpler than it is.

"Stories are always more complicated than they seem at first," said data visualization expert Alberto Cairo.

Jan 152014

Women in Tech Seek Solutions to Shortage of Drinkable Water

There is nothing more essential to life than water. Yet in Costa Rica, potable water is in short supply, even for people living close to the country’s world-famous beaches.

I thought, what better way to help the media find out why water-distribution systems fail and identify solutions than by bringing journalists, data-visualization experts and developers to a place that struggles to maintain a regular supply of clean water? So we held Chicas Poderosas on the Beach, a meetup in Nicoya, Costa Rica.

Jul 152013

Empowering Women in Journalism and Tech in Latin America

Working in newsrooms with a multidisciplinary team of developers, journalists and designers became my everyday life when I was part of the Guardian Interactive team over the last three years.

This began with my former boss, Alastair Dant, who had the vision not only to start the Guardian Interactive team, but who recognized the need to place a woman in a key position on his team. This changed my life.

Chicas Poderosas

Speakers at the launch of Chicas Poderosas in Costa Rica discussed best practices for finding data, telling stories visually and creating interactive content.

Latin America: Improve Interactive Storytelling and Create a Corps of Tech-savvy Women in Newsrooms

Knight International Journalism Fellow Mariana Santos is creating teams of artists, developers and journalists to improve visual and interactive storytelling in Latin American media. This network will enrich story development, execution and digital delivery of news. Santos is introducing animation and other ways to use data in compelling ways in Brazil, Chile, and Costa Rica. A key goal is to create a corps of tech-savvy women in Latin American newsrooms.

Costa Rica: Journalism Training (1996)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Mike Kautsch completed two months of journalism training in Costa Rica in 1996, partnering with the University of Costa Rica.