Panama Shootout

The bullet landed here, in the apartment ceiling, as a family slept nearby.

Panama Shootout

The day after the shooting, a bullet hole through an apartment window was proof of just how dangerous the situation was: A family was sleeping in the apartment at the time.

Apr 92012

A Crowdsourced Website and a Shootout Lead to a Crackdown on Crime

As part of a TV investigative reporting workshop, I was working with 12 Panamanian journalists and journalism students eager to learn how they could use Mi Panama Transparente (MPT) to investigate crime and corruption in their areas. I had planned a demonstration I thought would showcase the possibilities. Little did I know it would involve an exchange of gunfire the participants would catch on tape… and lead to a series of high-profile news reports.

MPT is a crowd-sourced website I developed as part of my Knight International Journalism Fellowship.

Panama-Jorge Luis-Oct blog stats

Since September 21, the website have had 292 new unique visitors, 720 visits, and 1,616 page views.

Mi Panama Transparente stats

From September 21 to October 25, the campaign prompted 35 citizen reports, most of them about corruption.

El presidente del Fórum de Periodistas, Guido Rodríguez

Guido Rodríguez, president of Forum of Journalists of Panama, unveils the new PSA campaign at a press conference.

Colombia and Panama: Journalism Training (1999)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ana Arana completed eight months in Colombia and Panama in 1999, partnering with Fundacion para el Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano and Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo.

Mar 72011

Medcom -- Telemetro promotes Mi Panama Transparente

Rafael Candanedo, Vice President of the Forum of Journalists for Freedom of Expression and Information, made a presentation on Mi Panama Transparente in an interview in Telemetro Reporta, a very popular morning TV news show in Panama.

During the interview, Aracellys Leoteau, Telemetro Reporta's anchor said that Mi Panama Transparente is a program not only for citizens to send reports about crime and corruption, but also for journalists to play a role of social change.

Leoteau make reference to Panamanian journalists involved in producing stories based on the citizen reports as a way to h

Mar 32011

Why Do People Laugh When You Tell Them You Are Studying Journalism Ethics?

-- Why do people laugh when I tell them I'm taking a journalism ethics course?--, I ask Flor when I see her smiling face.

-- Because I think you don't need it--, says Flor Ortega, a Panamanian journalist and ethics university professor.

I feel honored to hear Flor saying I don't need a journalism ethics course. She has been a university professor for a number of years and she has also been a founding member of the National Council of Journalism's Ethics Committee.

However, I think I need to keep studying journalism ethics.

Feb 32011

Panamanian Newspapers Are Getting Wired

The Panamanian newspapers have taken serious steps to enhance their online presence opening YouTube channels, blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts and creating crowdsourcing tools to get photos, videos and information produced by their readers.