Dec 162010

Creative ways to use communication technology in Panama

Journalists in Panama are using online technology to link colleagues from Panama city, Washington, D.C., an the provinces to discuss ongoing challenges to freedom of expression.

Dec 62010

Citizens are reporting crime and corruption to Mi Panama Transparente

Dozens of reports are being sent to Mi Panama Transparente, the online crowdsourcing platform to track incidents of crime and corruption in Panama.

PANAMA, PANAMA -- The individual and his family were getting into a truck, ready to leave the Sumit park. Everything seemed to be normal except for the fact that the truck was marked with the legend ANAM (National Authority of Environment) in a Sunday afternoon, when no official vehicle are supposed to be on the streets for personal purposes.

Nov 52010

Ethics and professionalism don't stop bullets, but reduce risks

As a part of the ICFJ's program in Panama, we are training correspondents who frequently work under risk covering not only community issues but also crime in cities affected by drug trafficking. Ethics, professionalism and methods of verification and bullet-proofing stories are crucial elements in the workshops.

Panama -- For a brief moment, I felt like being in a Mexico province, not in Colon, at the Caribbean port of entry of the Panama Canal.

Oct 292010

A mountain is going to the provinces

PANAMA -- Journalists working from the Panama provinces are not quite fortunate in regard to training: they live and work to far away from the country's capital and don’t have the same opportunities to take seminars and workshops usually available for their colleagues in Panama City.

Reporters and editors working in the provinces are usually non-staffers, working as free-lancer correspondents for the main newspaper, national TV and radio companies; Unless they are willing to travel to Panama on their own to attend the workshops, they rarely receive training.

In some instances the m

Panama: Journalism Training (2003)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Julia Cass completed six months of journalism training in Panama in 2003, partnering with the Colegio Nacional de Periodistas.

Colombia and Panama: Journalism Training (1996)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Stephen Jackson completed nine months of journalism training in Colombia and Panama in 1996, partnering with the Colombian Post.

Dominican Republic, Honduras and Panama: Journalism Training (2001)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Deborah Kirk completed nine months of journalism training in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Panama in 2001, partnering with El Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo (CELAP).

Ecuador, El Salvador & Panama: Journalism Training (2004)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Joe Rubin completed eight months of journalism training in Ecuador, El Salvador and Panama in 2004, partnering with El Centro Internacional de Estudios Superiores de Comunicación para América Latina (CIESPAL).

Oct 142010

Mi Panamá Transparente fue relanzado por los medios y la sociedad civil de Panamá

El sitio fue relanzado este miércoles 13 de octubre en la ciudad de Panamá. La denuncias ciudadanas comenzaron a llegar de inmediato.

PANAMÁ -- El mapa digital para registrar incidentes de crímenes y corrupción comenzó a recibir más denuncias ciudadanas, después de haber sido relanzado en Panamá.

Panama: Develop a New System to Map and Investigate Crime and Corruption

Citizens can use the map to report a wide range of crimes, giving details about the time and location of each incident.

Jorge Luis Sierra developed a successful digital mapping platform called Mi Panama Transparente that uses crowd sourcing to pinpoint instances of crime and corruption in Panama. Now, Sierra has launched the digital map in Mexico and worked closely with a Knight Fellow in Colombia to do the same.

As in Panama, Sierra has put together a strong coalition of partners in Mexico.