Aug 252014

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party reboots the news media Aug. 28 to 30

For the third consecutive year, the largest gathering of digitally oriented media in Latin America, the Hacks/Hackers BA 2014 Media Party, returns to Buenos Aires. In 2014, the event will include talks from 30 experts from the best interactive innovation projects worldwide; 50 workshops and a media fair showcasing more than 70 news projects.

What’s more, HacksLabs, the first accelerator for data journalism projects in Latin America, will award a US$10,000 prize to the winning project from the Media Party hackathon.

May 132014

How Argentina's La Nación Data Journalism Team is Verifying Senate Spending Data With Help From the Public

The data sets emerging from our current age of big data aren't always usable by the masses--or even accurate. One Argentine newspaper is working to change that by empowering the public to verify and understand just what the country's elected leaders are spending public money on, from airline tickets to per diems.

La Nación’s VozData initiative, which launched in late March, allows users to review and rate more than 6,500 Argentine Senate spending records from 2010 to 2012. All were originally published on the official Senate website.

Apr 92014

How HacksLabs Will Accelerate Data-Driven News Startups in Latin America

The idea for HacksLabs, a new platform to accelerate data-driven journalism startups, comes from years of frustration and wasted energy.

At every meeting, hackathon or workshop, startups and ideas were born and quickly faded. Traditional media were in crisis because of falling print revenues and an unwillingness to produce interactive and data-driven journalism.

Dec 112013

Buenos Aires Media Party Impact: Journalists, Programmers and Lawyers Collaborate to Free Government Data

It’s not every day that lawyers work together with journalists, developers and designers to solve a problem.

May 312013

The Unstoppable Ascent of Data Journalism in Latin America

Not only will the upcoming DataBootCamp of Bolivia be the first event of its kind in Latin America, it will be the highest-altitude data journalism event the world has seen so far.

Journalists, programmers and designers will gather in the capital, La Paz, whose altitude reaches more than 11,800 feet (3,600 meters) above sea level.

May 112013

Journalists, Technologists Gather to Launch Hacks/Hackers Chapter in Rosario, Argentina

Journalists mingled with technologists, programmers and designers to establish Latin America's newest chapter of Hacks/Hackers, which promotes collaboration on news media projects. More than 60 people attended the inaugural meeting of Hacks/Hackers Rosario, the second group to be formed in Argentina. Among the speakers were ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow Mariano Blejman, who talked about projects launched at Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires, the country's first chapter.

Argentina: Launch an Innovation Challenge to Promote the Development of Digital Media in Latin America

Knight International Journalism Fellow Mariano Blejman is creating the first news innovation contest in Latin America. Modeled on the African News Innovation Challenge, the contest will spur new technology that improves access to quality news and information. Blejman is upgrading the Hacks/Hackers network by running data boot camps and hackathons.

Feb 212013

Why Argentina's La Nación Shares Documents with its Readers

Upon finishing a story, reporters once stowed away their source documents in a desk or filing cabinet. But today, reporters and news organizations increasingly put their primary sources online, to engage users with the facts and data behind the story.

At the Argentine daily La Nación, a team of data journalists is using DocumentCloud, an open-source project that hosts thousands of primary source documents from newsrooms.

Feb 212013

Three Ways to Monitor a Story's Impact on the Web

Many journalists wonder how they can evaluate the impact of an investigation or a blog post. Here are some simple techniques to use:

1) Use Google advanced search:

  • Place the permanent URL for the content you wish to monitor in the second text box
  • Do the same with the title
  • Repeat the same step for the subtitle or the short summary of the article.

In all cases, use the "narrow your results" tool to analyze the results for the last 24 hours.

Feb 122013

How Newsrooms Can Take Data Journalism to the Next Level

During her year-long partnership at La Nación, one of the most important newspapers in Argentina, Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli helped take data journalism to the next level. In a country that lacks open data and easy access to public information, she assembled a flexible team at the paper that combined best journalism practices with data visualization and savvy marketing techniques to tell better stories.