Jun 202014

World Cup Coverage Highlights the Importance of Journalists’ Security

The soccer World Cup starts this week in Brazil. As players get in shape and fans stock their refrigerators, news organizations are getting ready to handle the huge logistical challenge of covering such an event. But the Brazilian and foreign journalists who will cover what happens outside the stadiums face a scenario far removed from the excitement of the matches.

In the run-up to the World Cup, activists have held numerous anti-government protests in Brazil’s major cities.

May 142014

How to Build Data-Driven Maps

To tell better stories with data, journalists should learn to make digital maps, said environmental data journalist Gustavo Faleiros. Most data sets contain location-related information, which makes them good candidates for mapping.

May 12014

InfoAmazonia is a Finalist of the Google Social Impact Challenge in Brazil

Rapid urbanization in Brazil’s Amazon region may be contaminating the water supply, but authorities say they lack the hard evidence they would need to take action, according to environmental data journalist and ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow Gustavo Faleiros.

The environmental news site Faleiros founded, InfoAmazonia, which monitors and maps threats to the nine-country Amazon region, has a proposal to fix that: It will give water-quality sensors to people living in the affected areas.

Apr 92014

InfoAmazonia Will Crowdsource Environmental News

Environmental journalism site InfoAmazonia, which pioneered using satellite data for reporting, is adding a new source to its coverage: observations from the ground.

The site will gather and share information from people living and working in the Amazon, including “indigenous communities, researchers, NGOs, students and engaged citizens acting on social media,” said data journalist Gustavo Faleiros, who founded the site.

Global Health Reporting Contest

A mother holds her newborn child in a hospital in Odisha, one of India's poorest states.

This program is no longer active. To apply for the 2015 Global Health Reporting Contest, click here.

Journalists in Brazil, China, India and Russia won a trip to the United States and cash prizes as part of four regional competitions to recognize the best media coverage of maternal and child health.

Jan 102014

Brazilian Data Journalists Shed Light on Amazon Rainforest Development

The prediction of two icons of the communications field—that journalists would become data wranglers—is rapidly becoming a reality.

Mar 62013

'Part App, Part Map' Tracks Amazon Forest Loss

"As the endangered Amazon forest faces tougher challenges – deforestation, forest fires, and mining and oil drilling, among them – there must be a way to track the destruction," writes Chelsea Diana of Reuters Alertnet.