Brazil: Expand the Use of Satellite Mapping and Other Technologies to Improve Environmental Reporting

Knight International Journalism Fellow Gustavo Faleiros is building on the success of his 2012 Knight International Journalism Fellowship, when he launched a digital map that uses satellite feeds and other publicly available data to monitor the Amazon Basin region. He is expanding the map, called InfoAmazonia, to make it possible for news websites to easily generate and publish customized maps on the environment.

Latin America: Improve Interactive Storytelling and Create a Corps of Tech-savvy Women in Newsrooms

Knight International Journalism Fellow Mariana Santos is creating teams of artists, developers and journalists to improve visual and interactive storytelling in Latin American media. This network will enrich story development, execution and digital delivery of news. Santos is introducing animation and other ways to use data in compelling ways in Brazil, Chile, and Costa Rica. A key goal is to create a corps of tech-savvy women in Latin American newsrooms.

Feb 122013

What Journalists Can Learn From the Citizen Science Movement

Knight International Journalism Fellow Gustavo Faleiros is tapping ordinary, environmentally concerned citizens in the Amazon region to help contribute data and information to InfoAmazonia, his digital mapping project that tracks deforestation. Faleiros says "citizen science" movements like this one can be a powerful force for connecting communities, for telling stories about the environment and health, and for helping explain the problems and issues to policymakers.

Dec 212012

Mashup of Open Data, Maps and Storytelling Makes Sense of the Amazon's Environment

In O'Reilly Radar, Alex Howard profiled six examples of data-driven journalism from around the world, which featured Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros's InfoAmazonia.

Dec 132012

The Role of Transparency and Corruption in Sustainable Development

In November, Gustavo Falerios moderated a panel about sustainable development and transparency at the International Anti-Corruption Conference. As a Knight International Journalism Fellow, he helps journalists use data to improve environmental reporting in Brazil. Read Faleiros' take on the role transparency and corruption play in environmental sustainability here.

Nov 122012

Free Tools Make it Easy for Media to Use Geodata to Add Depth, Context

Data that include location information or geodata are valuable but underutilized resources for journalists, says Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros. He says newsrooms should take advantage of the increased availability of searchable data to find patterns and to add context to stories.

Nov 22012

Journalists and Technologists Team Up at Hackathon to Improve News in Brazil

Hacks/Hackers São Paulo held its first hackathon on Oct. 20 during the W3C Brazil Conference, alongside the 2012 PERL international community conference. Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros, who launched Brazil’s first Hacks/Hackers chapter in July 2012, organized the October event.

Oct 32012

Sao Paulo Newspaper Reimagines Elections Data in Animated Video

In the run-up to the Sao Paulo's Oct. 7 municipal elections, one newsroom has reimagined data from nearly two decades as an animated video that engages the public and draws people to its website and YouTube channel. Folha de Sao Paulo, a daily newspaper and partner of Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros, took voting data from every municipal, regional and national election since 1994 and mapped the locations of votes throughout Sao Paulo.