FohlaSPDados Paraisopolis

The new site also breaks down the real estate values and infrastructure of a city slum.

FolhaSPDados green spaces

A map on the new FolhaSPDados site shows the disparity in green spaces – parks, squares and tree-lined streets – among Sao Paulo neighborhoods.


A new website by Folha de Sao Paulo gives readers data to help them the check the facts, figures and politics emerging in the city’s mayoral race.

Aug 222012

Brazil Newspaper Launches Data Website to Monitor Sao Paulo Election

Brazil’s largest newspaper has created an interactive website that tracks the major issues in Sao Paulo’s mayoral race, including housing, public health, safety and the environment.

The site FolhaSPDados (or "Folha Sao Paulo Data") combines news stories with data sets, maps and other infographics to help Sao Paulo residents monitor developments in the upcoming mayoral election in October.

Jul 242012

Hack/Hackers Sao Paulo: On the Quest for Journalism Innovation

On Monday, July 16, I launched Brazil’s first Hacks/Hackers chapter in Sao Paulo. The initiative has the support of ABRAJI (the Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association), the local offices of the Open Knowledge Foundation and W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium).

Brazil - ABRAJI - Crowd

Around 50 journalists and technologists attended Sao Paulo's first Hacks/Hackers meetup.

Brazil - ABRAJI - Gustavo talking

Knight Fellow Gustavo Faleiros organized the first meeting of Hacks/Hackers Sao Paulo at the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper headquarters.

Jul 202012

Citizen Journalist Describes Contradictions Faced by Lower-Middle Class Brazilians

Former Knight International Journalism Fellow Bruno Garcez pioneered the blog Mural Brasil with Folha de Sao Paulo to help the daily newspaper increase its coverage of Sao Paulo's underserved communities through citizen journalism. In a recent post to the blog, trained citizen journalist Leandro Machado relates the contradictions he faces as part of Brazil’s lower-middle class.

Jul 182012

In Sao Paulo, Digital Media Leaders Urge Innovation in News and Information Delivery

It’s winter in Sao Paulo, where the Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association (ABRAJI) has been holding its 7th International Investigative Journalism Congress. The slight chill in the air here – a respite from the recent heat in North America – seemed to permeate discussions about the future of media.


Knight Program Director Elisa Tinsley (left, seated) with Knight Fellows Bruno Garcez, Sandra Crucianelli and Gustavo Faleiros at the ABRAJI Congress in Sao Paulo.