Brazil: Journalism Training (2000)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Michael Cowan completed three months of journalism training in Brazil in 2000.

Brazil: Journalism Training (2005)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Barbara Crossette completed six months in Brazil in 2005, partnering with the Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association (ABRAJI) and Folha de Sao Paulo.

Brazil: Journalism Training (2003)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Marco Mulcahy completed nine months of journalism training in Brazil in 2003, partnering with the Universidade de Brasilia.

Brazil: Tapping the Power of Citizen Journalists to Increase Coverage of Poverty

Bruno Garcez is helping Brazil’s top media outlets to include multimedia reports from citizen journalists on important issues such as land reform and pollution prior to presidential and general elections in October.

Garcez is partnering with ABRAJI, the leading investigative journalism association, and the daily Folha de Sao Paulo to incorporate reports produced by trained citizen journalists. Already, 20 citizen reporters in Sao Paolo are producing stories and posting them on a common blog, Mural Brasil.

Sep 302010

The ''opposition party''

Editor's Note: Knight Fellow Bruno Garcez discusses the upcoming Brazilian Presidential Elections.

The elections this Sunday, the 3rd, in Brazil, until very recently seemed to be heading to a very predictable outcome

The three main Presidential contenders lack the charisma of the current incumbent, Mr.

Sep 212010

One happy student

Another group was trained under the Mural workshops. A course that focuses on recruiting and training community correspondents reporting from the outskirts of São Paulo.

Sep 172010

Where are the issues?

The Brazilian media has devoted all of its manpower to cover a series of scandals recently emerged.

Sep 162010

Catch 22

On Saturday, the 11th, the Mural project reconvened in Folha de São Paulo's training room.

Aug 192010

Mural: a celebration of life in the periphery

A phrase once uttered once by one of the students who took part in the Mural course impressed me deeply.

Jul 202010

Before the last lesson

We are now going to the final week of lessons offered to a group of citizen journalists from peripheral areas of São Paulo, that have become the first wave of trainees of the "Mural" project.