Jul 72015

The Ethics of Social Data: Insights for the Digital Newsroom

In the fast-paced news environment, reporters are inclined to publish a story, push it out on social media and move on to their next piece. But if journalists aren't carving out time to reflect on the article's performance or how their audience interacted with it, they're missing out on a crucial piece of the engagement puzzle.

Jul 22015

Hustle & Workflow: How to Succeed in Digital Media

In Latin America, there is a real opportunity to create profitable businesses around content and there are valuable lessons to be learned from those digital outlets that found a way to be successful online.

ICFJ Knight Fellow Mariano Blejman led a Google Hangout sponsored by the Dow Jones Foundation on best practices for digital media and the keys to success behind publications like BuzzFeed, Mic, Vox, Upworthy and Quartz.

Mar 132014

Using Low-Cost Technology to Improve Community Radio

In Latin America, as in much of the world, radio remains a primary medium for news consumption. The International Telecommunications Union has set 2015 as the deadline for the transition to all-digital broadcasting in most of the world. Digital radio, however, has been slow to catch on in the region.

New technologies can be used to make community radio stations more open, accessible and participatory.

Dec 22013

Tapping Women’s Passion for Technology in Latin American Newsrooms

Chicas Poderosas [nid:47352] As interactive designer Mariana Santos prepared to introduce her project designed to bring more women into tech roles in news at a Hacks/Hackers Meetup in Santiago, Chile, the organizers warned her not to expect much of a turnout on a cold, wet night.

But instead of speaking to a handful of attendees, Santos addressed a packed university auditorium.

May 162013

Site on Latin America’s Rich and Powerful Gives Users its Content

Poderopedia is a platform that reveals the relationships among elites in a country or region, especially in places where power is concentrated in the hands of a few people.

After winning the Knight News Challenge in 2011, we launched Poderopedia in Chile last fall.

Mar 132013

Poderopedia Makes Political Connections More Transparent

In Chile, a website called Poderopedia has recently been launched by Knight International Journalism Fellow Miguel Paz. A crowdsourced map of business and political power, Poderopedia aims to make connections between people more transparent. Paz explains how some of the powerful people profiled are also some of the site's best contributors, during this interview for the U.S.

Chile: Expand Poderopedia, a Site Linking Business and Politics, Across the Region

Knight International Journalism Fellow Miguel Paz is speeding the development and use of the Knight News Challenge-winning platform Poderopedia, which reveals links among business and political leaders. He is bringing Poderopedia to Venezuela and to other nations, creating a cross-border community that uses the platform. He is introducing customized versions of Poderopedia in newsrooms and civic media projects.