Bogota Hacks/Hackers7

Information management specialist Luis Hernando Aguilar, standing, is part of the technology team on the project, which uses the open-source Ushahidi mapping platform. (Photo by Elkin Garavito)

Bogota Hacks/Hackers6

The group worked on strategies for citizen input monitoring the garbage problems of Bogota, a city of more than 8 million people.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers5

Among those working on strategy, which includes focusing first on monitoring waste management concerns in the capital city, is Rayza Reyes Marciales, who is building a journalism website.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers4

A look at the digital map in progress.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers3

Colombia’s first Hacks/Hackers group met August 11 in Bogota.

Bogota Hacks/Hackers2

Elkin Garavito (left) is manager of the Hacks/Hackers project, whose participants include journalists, cartographers, designers, developers, Web entrepreneurs and environmentalists. (Photo by Ronnie Lovler)

Bogota Hacks/Hackers

The communications team on the project will vet citizen reports and write website content. (Photo by Ronnie Lovler)

Aug 162012

Bogota Hacks/Hackers to Launch Crowdsourced Map on Environmental Problems

“Mi Bogotá Verde,” or My Green Bogota, a new, crowdsourced digital map that will track solid waste disposal – the first of many urban environmental concerns – is just weeks away from going online in Bogota.

The map was developed during the first hackathon of the Bogota chapter of Hacks/Hackers, created just four months ago.

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