Colombia HH Renata

El Tiempo social media editor Renata Cabrales joins others as they arrive for the meeting. (Photo by Ronnie Lovler)

Colombia Hacks Hackers sign in

Attendees sign in at the inaugural meeting to form a Hacks/Hackers chapter in Bogota, Colombia. (Photo by Ronnie Lovler)

Apr 272012

Knight Fellow Sets Stage for First Hacks/Hackers Chapter in Colombia

Journalists and software developers in Colombia came together in late April to set the stage for establishing the first chapter of Hacks/Hackers in this country. I took the initiative to get this started as part of the work I am doing there as a Knight International Journalism Fellow.

Apr 92012

Jineth Bedoya Lima: An International Woman of Courage

There are more than 300 journalists working in the converged media newsroom of ICFJ partner El Tiempo, but one stands out – not just as an award-winning journalist but also because of the trauma and travails she has survived along the way.

It was 2000 and Jineth Bedoya Lima, then just 26-years-old, was covering a story about arms smuggling at La Modelo prison in Bogota for El Tiempo newspaper, where she is now deputy justice editor. When Bedoya Lima left the prison, she was seized by a group of paramilitaries who gang raped her.

Colombia-jineth bedoya lima

Knight Fellow Ronnie Lovler (left) says she is lucky to work alongside Jineth Bedoya Lima in the El Tiempo newsroom.

colombia-jineth bedoya

El Tiempo reporter Jineth Bedoya Lima is receiving this year's International Women of Courage award for her coverage of women and violence in Colombia.

Colombia: Getting ready to launch mapping system

Panelists for the Consejo de Redaccion’s fifth annual conference, held in Bogota March 16 and 17, line up for a group photo. ICFJ partner, the Consejo de Redaccion is an organization of investigative journalists in Colombia. (Photo courtesy of Consejo de Redaccion)

Colombia: Getting ready to launch mapping system

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ronnie Lovler, right, moderated a panel on investigative journalism in Colombia during the fifth annual conference of the Consejo de Redaccion in Bogota March 16 and 17. (Photo courtesy of Consejo de Redaccion)

Mar 262012

Mapping Crime and Corruption in Colombia: Knowledge is Power, Thanks to New Digital Technology

Imagine that you have just hailed a taxi off the street in busy, chaotic Bogota. Then, suddenly the taxi stops, someone else jumps in with you, and you find that rather than going to your destination, you have just been abducted.

On your “joy” ride, your abductors will be forcing you to visit a series of ATM machines, where they will oblige you to make withdrawals and empty your account. In Colombia, this is the “paseo millionario” or the millionaire’s ride, similar to the “express kidnappings” and robberies that occur in other Latin American countries, particularly Venezuela.

Colombia: Getting ready to launch mapping system

Ricardo Villamil points out some information to Alejandro Gonzalez, two members of the team developing the Pilas Bogota map for the crowd sourcing project on crime in Bogota with ICFJ partner, El Tiempo. (Photo by Ronnie Lovler)