Colombia political debate-setting the stage

Setting the stage for the debate between Bogota mayoral candidates Oct. 27, 2011.

Colombia donkey in Barranquilla

Donkeys are often used to cart vegetables, fruit and housewares for sale on the streets of Barranquilla.

Oct 102011

With Elections Looming in Colombia, Journalists and Election Officials Are Gearing Up

A decision to observe a training session conducted by Colombia’s independent Electoral Observer Mission brought me from Bogota to Barranquilla for two days. The MOE, as it is known here, has had an ongoing presence in Colombia’s political life since 2006. One of the things they are doing as they get ready to observe the local elections is to host a crowd-sourced map with national scope where citizens are able to file reports of what they consider to be election irregularities.

Colombia: Use Crowd Sourcing Technology to Track Crime and Corruption

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ronnie Lovler helped El Tiempo, Colombia’s largest newspaper, develop a website that uses citizen reports to map crime in the capital city of Bogota. Modeled after a similar Fellowship project in Panama, citizens and citizen journalists post information on the map. Lovler trained El Tiempo journalists to use the map to identify trends and produce investigative stories about crime and violence.

Knight Fellow Ronnie Lovler helped journalists in Colombia to use crowd sourcing technology to cover 2011 elections and the issues that mattered most to citizens.

Sep 12011

Hustle and Bustle of Bogota Underscores the Need for Crowd Sourcing in Colombia

I am here — in mind-boggling, bustling, bewildering and bewitching Bogota to begin my year long assignment as a Knight International Journalism Fellow.

Colombia and Panama: Journalism Training (1999)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ana Arana completed eight months in Colombia and Panama in 1999, partnering with Fundacion para el Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano and Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo.

Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua & Peru: Journalism Training (1997)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Carole Brennan completed three months of journalism training in Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru in 1997.

Colombia: Journalism Training (2006)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Teresa Calkins completed five months of journalism training in Colombia in 2006.