Trainer Eduardo Univazo works with reporters at TV Mundo (Arequipa)


Trainer Eduardo Univazo supervises an edit at UTV


Trainer Eduardo Univazo shares editing techniques with Miller Torres (L) and Frank Mori (R) from UTV.

Peru-Hena Oct 2011 blog-Guerra, Erick Ortiz, and Yovany Quintana

Erick Ortiz, Guerra and Yovany Quintana after Guerra's medical ordeal

Peru-Hena Oct 2011 blog-Juan Guerra with photographers Beto Rojas and Diego Guevara

Juan Guerra talks shop with photographers Beto Rojas and Diego Guevara

Peru-Hena Oct 2011 blog-Photographer Katia Tapia

Photographer Katia Tapia shoots a knife sharpener to collect nat sound for her video project

Peru-Hena Oct 2011 blog-Journalists from Ayacucho, Lima, and Pucallpa

Peruvian journalists from Ayacucho, Lima and Pucallpa edit their video project

Peru-Hena Oct 2011 blog-photographer Juan Guerra in the ER

Los Angeles photographer Juan Guerra at a medical clinic in Lima, Peru

How does one television network with limited resources cover election issues in a country like Peru, spanning 500,000 square miles? With the help of Knight Fellow Hena Cuevas.

A team of trainers, formed and coached by Hena Cuevas in Peru, is helping the country's largest network of TV stations improve its journalism and technical skills.