Peru: Create the First Broadcast Training Center

Hena Cuevas trained broadcast news reporters and producers in Peru to improve the quality of news reports and increase local news in national coverage. Her partner, the National Association of Local Television Channels (Red TV), is Peru’s largest network of local TV stations, an alliance of 40 independent channels that reaches more than a third of Peru’s TV viewers. She has created a two-person training team that is working with Red TV’s affiliates to improve everything from reporting standards to camera work.

Oct 62010

Rock-a-bye Baby… at the polling booth?

Peru’s mandatory voting law has some frustrating, and unexpected results during the recent regional and municipal elections.

Rock-a-bye Baby… at the polling booth?

"Lady" was born at the polling station

Sep 112010

I Say Potato. You Say Papa Nativa.

Thousands of potatoes, the world's best coffee, and the secret to getting married take center stage at Peru's largest food festival.

Finding a boyfriend and getting married in Peru must be pretty difficult. That is if you follow the tradition behind the Yana Piña potato, also known as the "Mother-in-Law Potato." According to tradition, before a girl can get married she needs to prove her love- and worth- to her future mother-in-law by peeling this grenade-looking thing...

I Say Potato. You Say Papa Nativa.

Reporter Gina Carbajal tries the world's best coffee.

Aug 202010

Getting To Know You

One small, but very enterprising TV association in Lima, Peru aims to be inclusive and provide true coverage to an entire country... all with a little help from some friends.

The H is silent. That’s how I usually explain how my name is pronounced.  I thought it would no longer be an issue in Peru, but it turns out it’s an even bigger problem here! Locals pronounce the H with a guttural sound making my name sound German. Oh well.