Taller de Periodismo de Investigación en México (2014)

El Centro Internacional para Periodistas (ICFJ) en alianza con CONNECTAS y Periodistas de a Pie, lanzó el Taller de Periodismo de Investigación en México. El evento fue conducido por el periodista argentino Daniel Santoro y el colombiano Carlos Eduardo Huertas. La actividad se llevó a cabo los días 13, 14 y 15 de febrero en Ciudad de México.


El programa capacitará a periodistas en técnicas que van desde la cartografía digital en línea hasta el crowdsourcing y el periodismo de datos de informes.


The program will train journalists on reporting techniques ranging from online digital mapping to crowdsourcing and data journalism.

Reporting the Power Struggle: Energy News Coverage in Baja California, Mexico 2013

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The program will train journalists on reporting techniques ranging from online digital mapping to crowdsourcing and data journalism.

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) proposes to bolster the scant media coverage of the unfolding situation by offering local and national journalists an unparalleled opportunity to learn firsthand from key sources about the energy challenge as well as learn new digital tools for more in-depth reporting and compelling storytelling.

Fortalecimiento de periodismo de investigación y transparencia en México y Centroamérica

ICFJ anuncia iniciativa de periodismo de investigación y seguridad para México y Centroamérica

Los periodistas participantes deben tener un fuerte compromiso con el periodismo de investigación y deben estar dispuestos a trabajar en equipos a través de fronteras. Los periodistas que trabajan en México o Centroamérica en medios en línea, impresos, radio o televisión son elegibles para participar en este programa destinado a mejorar las habilidades del periodismo de investigación y fortalecer la seguridad de los periodistas en la región.

Strengthening Investigative Reporting and Transparency in Mexico and Central America

ICFJ announces an investigative reporting initiative for Mexico and Central America.

In Central America and Mexico, a surging tide of instability fueled by narcotics trafficking and corruption threatens to overwhelm the foundations of entire countries. In countless cases, international criminal entities have subverted or intimidated proper authority, leaving ordinary people at the mercy of criminals who in some cases have even dared to levy taxes on them and commit heinous murders in their midst with impunity.

Feb 122013

New Study: Combating Cyberattacks Against Mexican Journalists

A survey conducted by Knight International Journalism Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra shows that Mexican journalists and bloggers are at great risk of cyber-espionage, email-account hacking and other serious digital threats. The highly sensitive nature of most of the topics they cover (such as crime, corruption, violence and human rights issues) make them even more vulnerable.

Sep 182012

ICFJ Fellow: Human Smugglers Use the Pacific Ocean for Trafficking

Orange County Register reporter Cindy Carcamo traveled between Mexico and the United States as an International Reporting Fellow to cover the latest frontier in human smuggling and the shifting battle over illegal immigration to California's coast.

Read her series here.

May 142012

Knight Fellow in Mexico Offers Safety Training, Tips for Reporters

There are few places in the world more dangerous for a reporter to cover corruption, drug trafficking and crime than Mexico. Knight International Journalism Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra, who works in both Mexico and Panama, offers training and advice on how to stay safe despite the dangers. Sierra teaches an online class, part of a series of courses offered by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and featured in a recent blog.