Mexico: Improved Access to Information for Investigative Broadcast Journalists

Susana Seijas helped journalists to use Mexico’s access to information law to improve the quality and increase the quantity of investigative and in-depth reports produced for the country's largest TV network and its website.

At her suggestion, the partner organization Televisa revamped a one-hour weekly news show called Reporteros, which showcased the work of the investigative team. As a result of a Televisa series on prison corruption, the Mexican Human Rights Commission issued recommendations to all prisons to combat the problem.

A special video commends the work of 2011 Knight Award winners from Mexico for their bold reporting on the devastation drug lords are wreaking in the town of Juárez.

José Zamora of Knight Foundation revealed that Mexican investigative reporters Rocío Idalia Gallegos Rodríguez and Sandra Rodríguez Nieto and Cambodian journalist Thet Sambath will receive the Knight International Journalism awards.

Knight Award judges cited the bravery and quality of work of two investigative journalists in Mexico who have covered the havoc wreaked by drug lords along the U.S. border.

Dec 202010

Digital Journalism Center in Guadalajara takes hold with new leadership

Over two years, the Center, a project of the Knight International Journalism Fellowship program, offered 15 online training courses in Spanish to some 500 journalists from 22 countries as well as in-person technical training to more than 200 of the best performers. On a Saturday in December, the 15th class to pass through the Digital Journalism Center in Guadalajara, Mexico, had its recognition ceremony.

Nov 52010

El periodista que vende publicidad: conoce tu audiencia y tu medio

Muchos periodistas independientes tienen miedo de vender publicidad o patrocinios en sus medios digitales.

Pero si saben hablar de su audiencia y el posible valor al cliente, hasta un periodista inhábil puede lograr vender publicidad.

La regla dorada del mercadeo y las ventas es Conocer al cliente. Aquí el cliente es el usuario-lector-suscriptor. Si conocemos bien a éstos, podemos tratar mejor con los anunciantes-patrocinadores.

Encontrarse frente a vender, los periodistas tienen varias inquietudes:

-- No sé o me da vergüenza pedir dinero por servicios.

Mexico: Defend Free Expression

Knight International helped launch a foundation to protect journalists and promote freedom of the press in a country where reporters are increasingly in danger. Knight Fellow Benjamín Fernández educated journalists on how to take advantage of freedom of information laws and counseled them on their own legal rights. Fernandez also created a group of media lawyers willing to defend journalists under threat.

Oct 252010

La publicidad en móviles: poca pero prometedora

Saqué la calculadora para revisar algunas cifras recientes y verifiqué que la publicidad en móviles ha captado menos de la mitad del 1% del total publicitario en EE.UU.

Sin embargo, los $500 millones USD de publicidad en móviles 2010 doblará el total del año anterior, según dice Bloomberg Business Week.

El ritmo del crecimiento y no el total de dinero es lo

Mexico: Journalism Training (1998)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Max Jennings (Deceased) completed three months of journalism training in Mexico in 1998, partnering with La Reforma.