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Mar 132014

Raising Financial Literacy Through Data Journalism

The Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring crude oil from Canada to the Gulf, has been hotly debated for environmental and economic reasons. But the social cost on Native American communities has been overlooked—until now.

Reporter Mary Annette Pember’s story, “Will Keystone XL Pipeline Pump Sexual Violence Into South Dakota?” is just one of hundreds by journalists in an International Center for Journalists program that aims to bring coverage of important financial topics to minority communities.


Last year's 1st-place winner Jordyn Dahl with Michael Privitera, S&P Capital IQ's vice president of public affairs. Dahl won first place for her piece examining how the Navajo nation in southwest Colorado aims to break out of poverty by investing in coal production.

Community Health Reporting Fellowship

We are no longer accepting applications for this fellowship.

Overcoming barriers to care in underserved communities is one of the major challenges facing the United States health care system today. Journalists can play an essential role in leveling the playing field by covering the critical health issues that most affect these communities.

The Community Health Reporting Fellowship gives U.S.

Iniciativa para el Periodismo de Investigación en las Américas 2013-2020

Compendio en línea de historias publicadas | Click here to read this page in English

La Iniciativa Regional para el Periodismo de Investigación en las Américas es un programa de siete años para apoyar una nueva iniciativa centrada en la promoción y el fortalecimiento de la transparencia, la seguridad y la libertad de expresión en los medios de comunicación.

Haga clic en la foto para acceder a nuestro compendio en línea de historias publicadas de la Iniciativa.

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McGraw Hill Financial Data Journalism Program 2013-14

This program was for Spanish-speaking and English-speaking journalists working within the United States. Click here to read this page in Spanish.

Today’s financial markets and the business sector have become more complex – and harder to understand and interpret to news audiences.

Aug 62013

ICFJ Director McGinnis Joins Executive Leadership At Al Jazeera America

Marcy McGinnis, a member of the International Center for Journalists' Board of Directors since 2006, has been named Senior Vice President, Newsgathering for Al Jazeera America. The new network, scheduled to launch in August, announced her appointment on July 22, 2013.

Jun 252013

ICFJ Participant Wins Prestigious Awards for Report on Human Trafficking

Wellesley, MA is a town better known for its college culture than its ties to the sex trade. But International Reporting Fellow Phillip Martin's award-winning stories are exposing it--and other hidden trafficking hot spots along the eastern seaboard.

U.S. Immigration Reform: What's Ahead

The International Center for Journalists and the International Correspondents Committee of the National Press Club are pleased to invite you to:

U.S. Immigration Reform: What's Ahead

For the first time in decades, there is unprecedented momentum for immigration reform in the U.S. Congress. But what will a new deal look like? Most Americans support a path to citizenship, but how long and difficult should that path be?

May 132013

Support the Whayne Dillehay Internship Program

Today is the birthday of ICFJ's former Senior Vice President Whayne Dillehay, who passed away four years ago.