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Страны, расположенные в соседних с Россией регионах, сталкиваются с растущей тенденцией, когда государство и олигархи контролируют медиа, транслирующие фейковые новости и пропаганду. В связи с этим живущие в Евразии люди все чаще получают необъективную информацию. В то же время эти люди сталкиваются со многими проблемами: от финансовых трудностей до глобальных проблем в области здравоохранения и угроз, исходящих от радикализованных групп, – все эти проблемы требуют качественного и объективного освещения.

Call for Entries: Eurasia Media Innovation Challenge

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With countries in the region neighboring Russia facing the growing trends of state- and oligarch-controlled media, fake news, and propaganda, Eurasian audiences are being increasingly exposed to biased information. At the same time, they also face many common challenges, from financial woes to global health issues and the threat of radicalized groups, which require quality objective coverage.

Turkish - Armenian - American Journalist Exchange Program

ICFJ brought together media professionals from Armenia, Turkey and the United States to introduce to them new skills and help develop professional relationships and partnerships that helped all parties better understand—and work with—one another.

Armenia: Journalism Training (2006)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Timothy Spence completed eight months of journalism training in Armenia in 2006, partnering with the New Times Journalism Training Center.

Armenia and Azerbaijan: Journalism Training (2003)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Ramon Mena Owens (deceased) completed three months of journalism training in Armenia and Azerbaijan in 2003, partnering with Patker Photo Agency.

Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), and its partner organization in the Caucasus -- the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) administered a two-year Master's-level certificate program at the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management.

Building Awareness of Conservation in the Caucasus

Sponsored by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, this program was designed to boost the capacity and motivation of journalists in the Caucasus region to report on conservation of biological diversity. The program was tailored to address the key issues facing each country, such as better management of protected areas, increasing the number and size of protected areas, controls on damaging activities, and other conservation issues of public interest.

Armenian School of Journalism

ASJ's class of 2006 with program administrators Aram Mkrtchyan and Mario Scherhaufer in Yerevan during graduation ceremonies Sept. 28.

The Armenian School of Journalism, a two-year international master's degree program at Yerevan State University, aimed to promote free, independent and professional media in Armenia through quality Western-style educational and training programs in journalism and media management.

Students were trained to assume news and management positions at newspapers, news agencies, broadcast outlets and Web-based publications.