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TruthBuzz: The Viral Fact-Checking Contest

Fake news orbits the planet in an instant on social media. Is the truth keeping pace? We want to make sure it does. Our global TruthBuzz challenge aims to invent new ways to help verified facts reach the widest possible audience.

We want your creative solutions for taking fact-checking beyond long-form explanations and bullet points. We’re looking for ideas --- from everyone, not just journalists -- that turn fact-checking into engaging, visual and interactive stories that are instantly understandable and shareable.

2016 General Election Embed Program: Foreign journalists traveled to “battleground” states to report on the final days of the campaign

Battle lines were drawn as Americans voted on Nov. 8, 2016, for their next commander in chief and state representatives to Congress. Journalists in the United States and abroad eagerly covered this groundbreaking transition of power.

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), with support from the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Press Centers and U.S. Embassy Posts, invited 23 global journalists to report on the 2016 U.S. elections in battleground states.

Menachem Wecker

Menachem Wecker

Feb 22016

New opportunities follow ICFJ Anywhere course for religion writer

Menachem Wecker was already a busy freelancer when he took the ICFJ Anywhere course, International Coverage of Religion, in the spring of 2009. So he was solid on the basics of his chosen specialty. But religion is a big and complicated topic, and Wecker wondered what he didn’t know. The course filled some gaps for him – with discussions ranging from jihad to enforced moralities to covering minority religions. Now he is busier than ever, writing for newspapers, religion publications, and a blog on art and religion.


Menachem Wecker

Menachem Wecker

Covering the Fight to Eradicate Malaria: A Fellowship for U.S. and Global Journalists

Please note that the trip dates are now Nov. 1-7, 2015.

Malaria kills roughly 584,000 people a year, predominantly children under the age of five, even though it's a treatable and preventable disease. Malaria is the deadliest and costliest disease in human history, and one of the few major global diseases that we can end in our lifetime.

Many governments and foundations are spending millions of dollars to fight malaria, and the result has been historic progress against the disease.

Jul 212014

Five data journalism projects win funding from Latin American startup accelerator HacksLabs

Five data-driven projects produced during the regional hackathon La Ruta de Dinero (The Money Trail) will receive support from HacksLabs, the first accelerator of data journalism projects in Latin America.

The projects focus on improving transparency and accountability in Colombia, Chile and Argentina. The regional hackathon, which I coordinated as part of my ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellowship, took place in 12 Latin American cities and one U.S. city.

Jun 202014

CodeCamp: Helping Media and Government Become Data-Driven

From May 19 through 30, 2014, ICFJ brought together experts from around the world to the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center in Italy to find ways to use data to advance quality journalism. Ben Colmery helped organize this key summit.

His second report:

It is commonly believed that a properly-functioning democracy needs government to work for its citizens, and media/civil society able to foster an adequately-informed citizenry and hold government in check.

Dec 182012

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