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Founding member of the International Association of Religion Journalists (IARJ) Indeewari Dona of Sri Lanka's ART Television talks about the role religion has played in her country's conflicts and how quality religion reporting can help ease tensions.

May 242012

Religion Reporting Programs at ICFJ to Expand

New offerings include online courses and an international reporting fellowship, thanks to Luce Foundation grant

A new, $300,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation will bolster ICFJ’s religion programs and help improve U.S. and global reporting.

Mar 262012

Journalists Launch First Global Religion Reporting Association

Nestled in the inspirational scenery of the Bellagio Conference Center on Lake Como in Italy, more than 30 journalists from six continents crafted and launched last week the world’s first global association of journalists who cover religion and spirituality.

Nov 42011

New Mashable Platform to Showcase Content From the International Journalists’ Network

The International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) will reach more users than ever through a new venture with Mashable, a leading source for digital news and culture. IJNet is a launch partner in the new Mashable Publisher Platform, which will bring the best content from select publishers directly to Mashable’s community.

Nov 12011

Media Expert Ken Auletta Urges Optimism about Journalism’s Future

New Yorker columnist and media critic Ken Auletta urged journalists around the world to “lean forward” into the future by embracing the digital age while also holding fast to their traditional role as story tellers and “intelligent agents.”

Nov 12011

Intrepid Reporters Honored for Unrivaled Coverage

More than 600 media leaders and luminaries gathered at the International Center for Journalists’ Annual Awards Dinner in Washington to celebrate the work of journalists practicing the highest professional standards to make an impact on their societies.

Nov 12011

Secretary Clinton Salutes ICFJ Award Winners for Shedding Light on Hidden Issues

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton praised ICFJ’s award winners for their “unwavering commitment to their profession.” She said that “through their work, (the honorees) have helped shed light on issues that were once hidden in the shadows.”

Creating an International Association of Religion Journalists

Partnering with the Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA), ICFJ is improving the climate of dialogue on Islam and religion worldwide by creating an innovative, 20-month program to provide Muslim world and global journalists with the resources, support and organization to promote fair and balanced reporting on religion.

May 182011

20-Plus Reasons Why Investing in Media Creates Lasting Change

Over time, we’ve noticed a growing myth about media grant making – that the outcomes aren’t quantifiable, that it doesn’t produce a tangible, measurable impact.

In a new report, the International Center for Journalists offers 20 plus reasons to the contrary. That’s how many changes to government policies were brought to bear by the work of fellows.

The Election 2008 Visiting Journalists Program

Readers and listeners all over the world enjoyed special insight into the U.S. presidential election as a result of the Elections 2008 Visiting Journalists Program, which brought 48 journalists from 46 countries to cover the historic campaign and vote.