Dec 112014

How Reporters Can Ask the Right Questions of Databases

Investigative journalists often look to numbers to back up or fuel their reports, but the data they need can't always be found in a tidy spreadsheet or gathered straight from a source.

"As a journalist obviously your main tool is talking to people; it’s being able to ask the right questions of the right people," said ICFJ Knight Fellow Friedrich Lindenberg in a recent webinar on digital tools for investigative reporting.

Dec 22014

“Hala Nigeria” Helps African Journalists Track Ebola Outbreak

“Hala Nigeria,” a program of ICFJ’s Knight International Journalism Fellowships, is helping Nigerian journalists do a better job of tracking the deadly Ebola virus. As a Knight Innovation Fellow in Nigeria, I am helping Vivienne Irikefe of Television Continental (TVC) to show how the virus is spreading across West Africa.

Irikefe won the story contest as part of the Hala Nigeria program (which means “Speak out, Nigeria” in pidgin English). The program is designed to spur better coverage of vital health issues and increase audience engagement in those stories.

Citizen Desk

Citizen Desk, a new, open source toolkit.

Oct 142014

Journalists from Africa, Asia and Europe Win Climate Change Reporting Grants

Three journalists from Africa, Asia and Europe have been selected to receive $1,000 reporting grants to cover climate change as part of the ICFJ-United Nations Foundation Climate Change Journalism Fellowship program.

The winners are Jessica Camille Aguirre of Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Berlin, Madison Park of CNN International in Hong Kong, and Dickson Ng’hily of The Guardian Newspaper in Tanzania. They were among 10 journalists who had been selected to participate in a daylong Virtual Climate Change Fellowship on Sept. 3.

Sep 252014

Code for Africa Builds WaziMap to Make Public Data More User-Friendly for Journalists

Black smoke churned toward the sky in Nyanga, one of the oldest townships in Cape Town, after protestors set fire to buses there in early September.

ICFJ/United Nations Foundation Climate Change Journalism Fellowship: Europe, Asia and Africa

As fluctuating temperatures and destructive natural disasters increasingly create global crises, it is clear that "climate change" is no longer just a phenomenon discussed by scientists. The topic of extreme weather is at the forefront of local and international news coverage.

Photo courtesy of NASA

Africa: Improving and Expanding Technology

Knight International Journalism Fellow Friedrich Lindenberg works with journalists and watchdog organizations to develop data resources and investigative tools.

Apr 242014

How to Improve Coverage of Technology in Africa

Technology is thriving in Africa. In just over a decade, the region has become the one of the most connected via mobile, experiencing the fastest growth in mobile subscribers. The world’s tech giants are investing in the region. And an active tech community is pioneering ways to rewire the media. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading the news.

Reporting Fellowship Promotes Better Coverage of Maternal and Child Health

The press fellows at the Polana Caniço Clinic in Maputo, Mozambique.

Nine international journalists traveled to Southern Africa to participate in the Maternal and Child Health Press Fellowships in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Maputo, Mozambique, from June 30 – July 8, 2014.