Jun 62012

First Pan-African Health Journalism Network Created

Bellagio, Italy—Journalists from across Africa announced the creation of the first continent-wide professional association of health journalists.

The new organization, the African Health Journalists Association, aims to improve the quality and quantity of reporting on health issues so that people across the continent can make healthy choices for their lives. The group’s media coverage will encourage the best possible public health programs and policies throughout the continent.

May 102012

Call for Entries: $1M African News Innovation Challenge

Africa’s first major contest designed to promote the development of digital media products and innovations is now accepting applications.

Mar 212012

ICFJ's Jerri Eddings: New Technology Brings New Opportunities for African Journalists

At the 14th annual National Freedom of Information Day Conference, held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., ICFJ Program Director Jerri Eddings said that many governments in Africa have eased restrictions on journalists. Now, she said, journalists are learning to access new kinds of information and deliver it to an increasingly tech-savvy audience across the continent.

The Newseum's First Amendment Center reported on the event.

FOI Panel

Knight International Journalism Fellow Justin Arenstein, who works in sub-Saharan Africa, spoke about the importance of training African journalists to mine databases for in-depth storytelling. (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

FOI Panel

Jerri Eddings, director of ICFJ's Africa-based Knight International Journalism fellowships, told the audience there is a new level of press freedom in many parts of Africa. (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

FOI Panel

Adam Clayton Powell III, senior fellow at the USC Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, moderated the panel discussion on "Freedom of Information Worldwide." (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

FOI Panel

Panelists discussed the latest trends in freedom of information worldwide at the 14th annual National Freedom of Information Day Conference. (Photo by Sonja Matanovic)

Dec 62011

$1 Million Fund Seeds New Media Innovations in Africa

I’ve crisscrossed the African continent over the past five months, clocking more than 27,000 miles as I’ve helped newsrooms come to grips with the new digital era. And wherever I go, I meet two to three journalists per day who think they have a solution to the malaise that paralyzes much of the continent’s traditional media.

Dec 62011

Leading African Media Organization Announces $1 Million Fund for News Innovation

The African Media Initiative (AMI), the continent's largest association of media owners and operators, has announced a $1 million fund to spur innovation in the news industry.