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Jul 142015

The Promise and Perils of Drone Journalism

In January, CNN and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reached an agreement to test the use of drones in reporting. This announcement came in the face of federal regulations banning the use of drones for commercial purposes. In the same month, Kenya banned civilian drone use.

From restrictive laws to societal stigma, drone journalists face many challenges in reporting with this innovative technology.

Jul 92015

Why African Media Should Embrace Mobile Technology

When the next billion people come online, almost all of them will do so via a mobile device. This is especially true for the countries across Africa that I’m working in as part of my ICFJ Knight Fellowship.

In Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, mobile networks are often the only way that people can get connected owing to a lack of landline networks outside the major cities.

Jul 72015

The Ethics of Social Data: Insights for the Digital Newsroom

In the fast-paced news environment, reporters are inclined to publish a story, push it out on social media and move on to their next piece. But if journalists aren't carving out time to reflect on the article's performance or how their audience interacted with it, they're missing out on a crucial piece of the engagement puzzle.

Jul 72015

ICFJ Knight Roundup: Diamond Prices Exposed, Tracking Counterfeit Drugs

Each week as part of the Knight International Media Innovators blog, the ICFJ Knight team will round up stories focused on how their fellows are making an impact in the field.

Find out more about the fellows' projects by clicking here.

Jul 22015

Hustle & Workflow: How to Succeed in Digital Media

In Latin America, there is a real opportunity to create profitable businesses around content and there are valuable lessons to be learned from those digital outlets that found a way to be successful online.

ICFJ Knight Fellow Mariano Blejman led a Google Hangout sponsored by the Dow Jones Foundation on best practices for digital media and the keys to success behind publications like BuzzFeed, Mic, Vox, Upworthy and Quartz.