Dec 62012

Data “Boot Camp” Helps Kenyan Reporter Expose School Sanitation Woes

Irene Choge arrived at the data boot camp with little experience using spreadsheets. But the reporter for NTV in Kenya knew that learning how to use data could help her nail down an important story: why girls in rural school districts started performing badly as they reached adolescence.

Nov 242012

Data Journalism Boosts Voter Registration in Kenya

A small low-cost data journalism experiment in Kenya this week has shown just how useful open data can be to ordinary African citizens.

Kenya photo

Reporters from Daily Nation and NTV visit Webuye Hospital in Kenya to cover diarrheal disease in children.

Oct 52011

Bring It On: Tackling The Challenge of Sustainable Development Journalism in Africa

As Knight International Journalism Fellow Joseph Warungu launches a new network of journalists to report on development in Africa, the graveyard of those who’ve fought the same battle before him offers both warnings and lessons to be learned.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Build a Network of Climate-Change Reporters

As a Knight International Development Fellow, Joachim Buwembo helped form a network of journalists across Africa who cover climate change. His participants now are part of the Baobab Coalition, a cross-border network of journalists reporting on climate change adaptation and sharing resources. The 20-nation initiative launched as part of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Africa Adaptation Program.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Develop New Business Models

Knight International Journalism Fellow Meredith Beal is a media entrepreneur who is working with members of the African Media Initiative (AMI) to develop effective business models, improve management structures, and create new revenue streams to support quality news coverage. AMI is a pan-African organization of media owners and operators.

Beal is mentoring a half dozen African media organizations, helping them to monetize mobile and online news services and creating models that can be replicated by other organizations.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Launch a Storytelling Challenge to Spur Innovative Coverage of Health and Development

Knight International Journalism Fellow Joseph Warungu led the launch of an Africa-wide storytelling contest to encourage better coverage of Africa’s growth, development, health and quality of life. The challenge sought in-depth features; data-driven journalism; and other entries that used innovative tools to engage the public or tell stories.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Spurring Innovation and Experimentation in Newsrooms

Justin Arenstein is a Knight International Journalism Fellow who is helping the African Media Initiative (AMI) to establish a digital innovation program that supports experimentation in newsrooms across Africa. AMI, the continent's largest association of media owners and executives, is working with more than 600 of the most influential media companies in both northern and sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya and Tazania: Journalism Training (2008)

Knight International Journalism Fellow Karen Rothmyer completed one year of journalism training in Kenya and Tanzania in 2008, partnering with The Nation Newspaper Group.