Aug 232012

Mobile and Advertising Innovations Set the Course for Sustainability Efforts by Liberia Media

Since embarking a year ago on a media-sustainability project as a Knight International Journalism Fellow in Liberia, I have worked with managers at three newspapers and three radio stations to help them succeed not only as news organizations but also as businesses.

The Liberia media industry is extremely volatile, with radio stations, in particular, shutting down from time to time for lack of income.

Jul 182012

Knight Fellow Advances Media Sustainability in Liberia

Liberia is taking steps towards greater press freedom through media sustainability, according to Knight International Journalism Fellow Luisa Handem Piette. Recent improvements in legislation encourage free reporting, but bolstering media sustainability remains pivotal. Piette, with support from UNESCO and ICFJ, brings together media owners and journalists in monthly exchanges to formulate plans for increased private investment in Liberian media, with promising results.

May 72012

World Press Freedom Day Brings Attention to Events in Liberia

Knight International Journalism Fellow Luisa Handem Piette is working in Liberia to help media organizations develop sustainable business plans. She's also worked to highlight the work of journalists across the country.

For World Press Freedom Day, Handem led the planning for a three-day conference that included a march with hundreds of journalists and others, as well as a public debate.

Liberia WPFD

Hundreds of media professionals and supporters march in the streets of Monrovia to kick off Liberia's World Press Freedom Day activities.

May 32012

Knight Fellow Leads World Press Freedom Events in Liberia

In addition to her work making media companies in Liberia more commercially sustainable and vibrant, Knight International Journalism Fellow Luisa Handem Piette has taken a lead in organizing the country's World Press Freedom Day events, including a three-nation conference, a march in the streets of Monrovia and an award ceremony for top journalists.

The Daily Observer highlighted the a

Apr 252012

Journalists to Take to the Streets of Liberia for World Press Freedom Day

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will open Liberia's World Press Freedom Day conference -- sponsored in part by UNESCO and ICFJ and organized with help from Knight International Journalism Fellow Luisa Handem Piette -- at Monrovia's SKD Stadium beginning on May 2.

Feb 62012

UNESCO Highlights ICFJ's Media Sustainability Work in Liberia

Knight International Journalism Fellow Luisa Handem Piette, working with UNESCO, her partner in Liberia, held a workshop to help media managers turn their news organizations into thriving, sustainable businesses.

Nov 32011

Media Get Caught in Liberia's Electoral Political Unrest

My arrival in Monrovia came in August, barely a month-and-a-half before Liberians would go to the polls to vote on a president and legislators. The election, the second in six years of reconciliation efforts, is considered critical in helping to consolidate a fragile peace and democracy. And there is no doubt that reporters have an important role to play in this process.

Monrovia Map

In the western part of the country, Monrovia is wedged between the northern and central borders of Liberia.

Map of Liberia

Liberia, on the western coast of Africa, is divided into northern, central and southern sections.