Accelerating Digital Business – MEL Consultancy

ICFJ is seeking a monitoring and evaluation specialist to design and implement a MEL strategy for “Accelerating Digital Business,” a program for Brazilian journalists and media organizations, supported by Meta. Both individuals and companies are encouraged to apply.

“Accelerating Digital Business” seeks to improve business models and financial sustainability for both digitally native and traditional media outlets of all sizes throughout Brazil. The program also seeks to help them utilize digital tools in innovative and strategic ways to develop and grow their businesses. The program will consist of an online training phase with approximately 40 total webinars for staff journalists, an executive training phase for C-suite media leaders, and a grants and mentorship phase.

Approximately 160 grants will be awarded (80 to individuals and 80 to organizations) in support of innovative and sustainable digital media projects.

Responsibilities: To achieve the monitoring and evaluation goals for the program, the consultant will engage with ICFJ HQ program staff, project partners, and participants to undertake the following tasks:

  • Design evaluation tools like pre-and post-surveys to measure changes and knowledge gained from the Accelerator throughout the program activities;
  • Gather and consolidate the impact of individual and organizational projects, including impact on financial sustainability;
  • Develop a “Digital Transformation Index,” which will be used to measure a media organization’s digital media capabilities before and after the program;
  • Provide basic metrics on project data and , at the request of ICFJ program staff;
  • Prepare high-quality reports highlighting the compiled data, utilizing information provided by ICFJ HQ program staff, project partners, and participating journalists after each program phase;
  • Prepare one cumulative report with project highlights at the conclusion of the project.

Timeframe: The consultancy should begin in February 2023 and will last until December 2023, based on effective completion of objectives, as determined by ICFJ program staff.

Location: This position can be based in any location. All work can be done remotely, via Zoom, Slack, email, etc. The consultancy will report to the Program Manager in the Washington, DC headquarters, but will be in close contact with all assigned ICFJ staff working on the program.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • 8-12 years of proven experience conducting monitoring and evaluation focused on outcome-level indicators
  • Familiarity with data gathering and visualization tools
  • Familiarity with journalism and the media landscape
  • Working bilingual capability in Portuguese and English (strongly preferred)

Apply HERE. The deadline to apply is January 27, 2023.