Alaysia Washington


Even as a kid, I knew I wanted to deal with numbers. My favorite subject was always math, in part because numbers tell a story. After earning a finance degree, I took on various accounting roles across multiple industries. I quickly realized that I most enjoy working with nonprofits: It is inspiring to see the work you do greatly impact others. As an accountant for ICFJ, I am thrilled to support programs for journalists, especially those that improve coverage of issues affecting children.

Background: I have worked in the banking and nonprofit sectors, with a focus on account payables. In past roles, I have helped streamline procedures and created tracking systems to maintain important documentation. At ICFJ, I handle receivables, another side of accounting. In all my work, I am detail-oriented, organized and strive to be a team player who extends a hand whenever I can.

Ask about me: Basketball (I have played my whole life), makeup (a hobby of mine!) and accounting

My Pronoun(s): She/her

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