Alexandra Susano

Program Manager

I have always aspired to work in an area where I can make a positive difference for others, even if it’s small. ICFJ is the perfect place for me to be part of something big, working with a team to help empower journalists. At ICFJ I manage programs around the world that involve coordinating workshops, grants, fellowships, and more. I’m currently working with U.S. government-funded Latin American programs such as the Emerging Media Leaders program. I also get to work on a program in Southeast Asia called Empowering the Truth Tellers: Asia Investigative Reporting Network designed to support investigative journalists from Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines through training, networking, and grants.

My background: In the past I worked at a nonprofit early childhood development center where I taught children from low-income families. I also assisted with English-Spanish interpretation. In addition, I’ve worked for the U.S. government as an intern with the Department of Homeland Security and provided administrative support in various departments, such as the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. I have a B.A. in global affairs with a concentration in human security from George Mason University.

Ask me about: Photography, movies, book recommendations and about my Labrador retriever

My pronouns: She/her

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